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Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Web Design

Designing and building a website is a cinch, right? So why bother paying a designer lots of money to do it for you when you could just spend a few evenings tinkering around with a free template?

Well, for a start, templates are generic and so aren’t as flexible as a fully bespoke site. Unless you’re a coding expert, you’ll need an experienced developer to write it all so your site is as unique as you and your business. That’s just one reason – here are nine more that should convince you to hire a designer.

You can’t customise a template

Do-it-yourself site builders and templates are basic, not interactive and you can’t personalise them very far. You can’t add plug-ins or extra content very easily. Even worse is the fact that there are thousands of companies using the same format and you need to stand out from them all if you’re going to make any headway.
Own Web Design
You don’t have enough time

You know that couple of evenings you set aside to build your site? That’s just the beginning of the headache. You could waste days on it – time you could be working on your business. Hire a designer to do it in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the money that you’ll end up losing. Just a few hundred dollars could buy you the best web design Perth has to offer – it’s not as expensive as you might imagine.

You’re not a professional web designer

This will be quite obvious.

You don’t really understand SEO

You think you do, but you don’t! At least, not enough to make it work for you. It takes an expert to devise and set up the SEO plan for a website and even if you were a whiz, Google doesn’t bother much with DIY templates.

Google really doesn’t bother with DIY sites

It’s true – Google can’t verify your website in its Webmaster Tools and its algorithms are something of a mystery even to experts! A professional web designer can connect with and make full use of Google’s monitoring tools and tweak your site so it’s working at its best.

DIY sites offer inaccurate analytics

DIY sites use older, outmoded scripting tools which often give the wrong site analytics. Business owners need to see regular reports to monitor their bounce rates and to see where traffic is coming from and this data needs to be accurate.

Self-builds aren’t mobile

Desktop sites are dying away – everyone’s gone mobile, except for DIY templates, which can’t adapt to different screens. DIY sites are going to miss out on a lot of traffic and therefore business.

Slow and steady wins the race

You can have a site ready within hours, which seems great, but stop and think. Your website is all about you and your business, so it deserves more time and care; more investment, both in time and money terms. It pays to budget carefully, so think ahead and plan your expenses.

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Just no. Free sites plaster “…created by Amateur Webz R Us…” all over the place. It’s not great, which is why you need to get the professionals in.

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