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Top web design trends

As the web enters its third decade of maturity, it’s been interesting to see how web page development has adapted to the increasing demands placed upon it. And with an incredible 571 websites created each minute, there’s a much greater need to make your site stand out from the pack. So here are some of the top web design trends to try and keep up with.



One of the biggest things to hit the web development world in recent months was the so-called Mobilegeddon. This saw Google changing its search algorithm system to favour sites that feature a mobile-friendly interface to cater for the increasing range of mobile users.

As a result, many sites such as Vintage Travel have had to quickly adapt to the new demands by creating a mobile-friendly version of the site that allowed mobile users to use the streamlined version of the site that featured the same range of holiday options and information, but in a much more convenient format.

Big graphics


Conversely, another big trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of in recent years is the range of websites that use large graphics to display their products and services in an immersive way.

For example, the popular fashion retailer Chloe has a website that features luxuriant photography that takes up the majority of the page and provides an atmospheric and evocative display of the clothing that is offered.

But the use of graphics in a website can be used in other versatile ways too, with the online casino site Lucky Nugget Casino using bright colours and highly individual themes to advertise the wide variety of gaming options in an attractive and user-friendly format.

Interactive features

With the development of web 2.0, the implementation of many social media forms into a website has now become the norm. This new strand of interactivity within the web sphere has provided companies and consumers with a much more improved sense of customer service that can speed up the way in which interactions can be carried out.

Now even the most simple banking transaction at the likes of HSBC will offer the chance to speak to an advisor via a pop-up chat icon that can instantly give you access to a helpdesk without having to suffer a lengthy call-waiting ordeal.

Back to basics

And finally, although many websites will try and offer more and more extravagant features, for some, a back-to-basics approach allows for a much more streamlined web experience. This is illustrated by the music group Beach House whose website offers a simple text interface that is easy to navigate and delivers a simple, yet effective service.

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