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Top 3 Questions to Ask a SEO Company

There are a countless number of questions that those who design websites often ask a SEO company before selecting one to assist with their search engine optimisation campaign. However, many people ask the wrong questions or ones that are not that important. Thus it seemed worthwhile putting together the top 3 question to ask about organic rankings before hiring a firm. The Web Showroom is a company focused on search engine optimisation that helped to compile these questions. Please keep in mind that there are numerous questions a person should ask before hiring a company, but these are three that seemed worthy of significant mention.

How do you acquire backlinks to help with SEO?

This is crucial question to ask a prospective firm. One reason it is increasingly important is that since a link profile that violates Google’s webmaster guidelines can actually harm a website’s rankings. Thus a business could end up hiring an agency that harms their search results. This is particularly important in light of the penguin update. However, it is a question that previously still held value in asking an SEO company.

What type of clients do you usually assist?

SEO CompanyThis is critical for matching a firm that will provide your company with the best value. A small business typically does not want to hire a firm that works mostly with publicly traded companies since it could end up receiving a much lower level of support. The converse holds true in that a large corporation likely wants to deal with a company accustomed to managing large campaigns. The geographic area serviced is also of importance since Google is increasingly smarter at understanding location information about website. For example a company that does business in Sydney, Australia often benefits from hiring a firm in the same locale. Thus an organisation that searches for the phrase SEO Sydney in Google is probably better suited picking a company that appears at the top of these results, rather than one in another city or country.

What search engine optimisation techniques are used?

This is intentionally left as a general and open ended question. Essentially a search engine optimisation should explain specific techniques that comply with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Now, do not expect the company to reveal everything, but some transparency should exist. Caution flags to typically steer clear of such companies include not revealing much or any details. Furthermore, if a firm mentions a technique that is not white-hat then is it likely also smart to steer clear of the agency.

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Brent Yorzinski Brent Yorzinski manages all aspects of Strategic SEO initiatives for The Web Showroom and its clients website. His is contributor to many other respected online marketing publications and is also serves as a guest speaker for various search engine optimisation conferences.

Originally posted 2013-01-04 04:56:29.

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