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Top 10 Websites for Web Designers

A free type resource, a voice against logo design plagiarism (finally!) and a travel site that works—these are just a few of the gems that Adam Ladd, HOW’s art director, found while assembling this month’s top website designs.


Pencil is a new stylus for tablets by FiftyThree. The site is rich in design, featuring engaging videos, strong iconography and an interactive photo of the stylus itself.


Thinking with Type

This is a great free resource for furthering your type design skills. It’s built as a companion to the book by Ellen Lupton and dives into many facets of thinking with type.



Unfortunately, stealing someones design work has become far too common, but LogoThief was created to be a voice against it by juxtaposing the original logo design with the one that appears to be in question.


Viva & Co.

The homepage for this design consultancy provides a sequence of images and text, convincing you why you should work with them. When viewing their work, you get a fast filtering system to find relevant projects.


Graphic Ambient

An archive of environmental graphics, wayfinding systems, signage, murals and graphic interventions.


Travel Portland

The official travel website for Portland, Oregon. This site includes responsive design, nice photography and is an excellent resource for all things Portland.



The medical device field, though cutting-edge in technology, can often feel dry in terms of design. This site helps promote the effectiveness of good design through use of clear photography, scrolling sections and icons and labels.


James Hsu

The portfolio site for interactive designer, James Hsu, displays large photo backgrounds that are knocked down in saturation and some graphic elements that have character.


Liverpool International Music Festival

It was the inaugural year for the festival, so the designers had to convey that there is a lot of content; they showed this by developing a site which could adapt as the festival grew.



Described as “a better place to read and write,” Medium is an easy to use online community for people who want to share their thoughts. It’s very simple yet strong in design, having a great balance of just the right amount of interactive elements without feeling cluttered.



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