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Simple Website with E-Commerce Feature

For any of you who interested to design your own website at home, at least you have to set in mind about the purpose for the website making first. If you just do it for a mere learning interest, the end result will be up to the level of your learning understanding. It is a rather vogue target though. So, if you have no extra time to do this kind of possible endless process, setting to a more simple purpose such as building a website with e-commerce functionality will limit the thing that should be learned.

Setting a website with e-commerce functionality is not so complicated. Thanks to the availability of CMS around, even a novice without deep understanding on the programming language can do the job. All that you need is the right e-commerce plug-in that will support the site.

Since your website has e-commerce feature, ensuring a good database work is vital. The amount of time that is needed to open the page may also influence the potential visit. To cut the needed time, you will have to ensure that the product picture as example is not too big in size. Any mild graphic design skill is enough to make your website eye catching. So, never over flow the website with pictures and add any needed information accordingly.







Originally posted 2012-06-10 17:30:14.

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