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Showcase Of Websites With Beautiful Typography

Typography, being the art of type in a design, is undoubtedly one of the most essential elements of good web design. It’s the visual art that helps us to create a beautiful and neat design that just works. However, the fact that it can be on the headline is that being one of the most important elements, it is still overlooked by many.


Nice logotype, clear text and a very nice colour palette. You can read more about the design process here.


Gorgeous logo (who can name the typeface?), and lots of subtle details.


Seed Conference

No Flash, no images, no fuss; just well-styled text and well-written copy; and proof that type alone can make one hell of a statement. I’d love to see more on-screen type treatments like this one.


Design View

Andy Rutledge is a designer who practices what he preaches. I particularly like how the text size is related to the article’s age, with the most recent excerpt set in the largest size.

q2-08-design-view & WP 2.5.x Admin

Although the WordPress blogging platform is not a web site, it is something that thousands, if not millions, of us see on our screens every day. If only more applications—on- and off-line—were built and designed like this.



I’ve been reluctant to include this site before owing to its use of Flash. However, it does showcase beautifully some great typefaces (and some of my favourites, I might add).


The Deck

Another site that simply relies on text for everything. A great example of hierarchy and layout. Who said a picture paints a thousand words? Type paints more.



Type Daily

Type Daily is actually a collection of other typography related content on the web. The RSS feeds update the content with the latest ones as soon as they get online.



Analog can be one of those designs which designer understands the contrast factor and used the type which matches the theme of the site very well. The big role that typography played in the site is it enhanced the taste of the colors and the types.



This user friendly site used the type with such an organized way that it gives out a very neat and appealing look. The navigation in the upper menu has bold uppercase type applied which looks really well with the description type.


Information Highwayman

Sometimes the background can be greatly enhanced by putting typography art into it, making the site looks even more artistic and appealing.


Jason Santa Maria

Typography is the only tool to be played with when you have a minimalist design. The large titles of the articles draw the attention easily.


Elysium Burns

You can see there are many elements in this design but they are arranged in such a way that the entire design looks so neat and clean.


The New Yorker

This magazine website maintains the goodwill of their brand with the help of such good uses of the types on their design. The uses of the types give the reader a sense that the magazine is long-established yet stylish.


Black Estate

White color type with dark background is one of the best combinations in minimalist design. The design like the one showcased below also greatly increases the text readability.


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