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Identify the font using WhatFontIs

When we think about the 21st Century, the word “evolution” is the first that
comes into our minds. Time seems to be shorter than before and people seem to
rush more and more. But along with evolution, there are still some things kept all
the way from Antiquity and even earlier. Represented in the beginning by a few
signs and continuing with hundreds of letters and symbols all over the planet,
writing still remains a fascinating way of expressing thoughts, describing objects,
nature or explaining how technology evolves. But what is the most important
thing when we talk about writing? The font that is used, of course. There are
millions of pages written and there are more to come. Starting with the hand
writing and continuing with grunge or electric letters, the font that we use when
we write remains a very important variable, if we want to send the correct


When or why should we know more about fonts? First of all, we should think
about all the Christmas or Birthday cards we send or receive every year. All of
them use different fonts, which highlight their message. When you read a card
and it uses a perfect font, the lecture is easier and the message is better
understood. Second but not less important, think about all companies which
attract clients with different products and services. Commercials are better and
better, catalogs are distributed for free, hundreds of pages are written to describe
better what they are selling. Fonts became so important that nowadays there are
so many and having somebody to classify them it would be almost impossible.

One of these cards or catalogs could have used a font that we really like. How
can we find out which font is being used? As a normal customer it’s hard to figure
it out. Matching fonts is not an alternative; there are thousands of fonts and it’s
possible not have the necessary time or it could seem so boring to manually
match each font that rejecting this idea is a better solution. Searching through the
internet about how to match fonts, I found a website that can read a font from a
jpeg, gif or png format. WhatFontIs is an user friendly website, modern and easy
to use designed for people who are trying to find out what font is used on a
particular image.

Using WhatFontIs has many advantages:

– you don’t have to know the font, if it’s serifs, sans serifs, scripts, handwriting
fonts, calligraphy or decorative fonts;

– you only need a jpeg, gif or png image of the font;

– 3 easy steps to find the font that you are looking for;

– the website displays free fonts, commercial or all fonts;

It’s hard to find quality fonts for commercial use and it seems impossible to
recognize fonts from an image. This is why using WhatFontIs your work will
become easier and you will be more efficient with your tasks. – Identify the font you are looking for!

Originally posted 2013-02-14 03:00:37.

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