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How to Promote your Design to Your Costumers

So long time ago i did not even get one job in the graphic design business but then a friend told me I promote my design wrong! I was wondering what does that mean and i googled a bit and found out your design must be promoted too to get atratcted to the costumers


What do you need:

  • Your Logo [transparent background]
  • A background with 2-3 different colors


Lets Start:

First open a new document 700×800 px and then select the Paint Bucket tool, fill the background with a white color


Then give it a Inner shadow effect from Blending Options


Now select Rectangle tool and at the footer add 2 rectangles, one with black color and the other blue and add the same Inner Shadow effect as on the white bg


Now lets add the logo! add your logo in the center on the center of white, black & blue places, and add some effects that can efford the best design


Originally posted 2012-04-25 20:16:39.

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