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Designing and Printing your Own Staff ID Cards

If you are looking for a new design challenge that will also save you money designing and printing your own staff identification cards is for you. It is something few business owners realise they can easily do themselves, which is strange because it is actually easy to do.
Here is all you need to know and do to get started.

Make up your design

The first step is to come up with a design for your ID card. This is relatively easy to do using a simple graphic design package. All you need to do is to make sure that your design will fit onto the ID card blanks that you are planning to use.

What needs to be included?

Your design has to have space for a name and maybe a department name or a job title. It is important that you design these badges so that the details are clear and easy to read.

Your security guards need to be able to see at a glance who the wearer is and what department they work in to be able to establish whether they should be in the area that they are wandering around, and do so quickly. Bearing this in mind when you are drawing up the ID badge design ensure that the background is not so dark or complex that important details cannot be easily read from a reasonable distance.

Not too easy to replicate

It is important that the design of your identity badges is not too easy to copy. If the design is too simple it will be easy for thieves and imposters to make replicas of your ID cards and gain access to your premises.

A reflection of your brand

If you can incorporate your branding into your employee identity badges. Doing so helps to make the design of the badge sufficiently complicated and makes it harder for people to replicate them.

Team building

Including your branding in your badges can also help with brand awareness. This is especially important if your staff deal with existing or potential customers in person.

The best thing about this project is that it will save you a lot of time and hassle. Aside from the time it takes you to come up with your card design template printing your own ID cards is very quick. Using a Digital ID card printer it will only take you a few minutes to print each card.

Printing your own ID cards means that your new staff members no longer need to use temporary cards that are too easily copied. This helps them to settle in faster and keeps your premises more secure. There is no longer a legitimate reason for someone to be wandering around your premises without proper ID. This makes it harder for imposters to enter your business premises and steal information or goods from you.

Taking control of the provision of identification cards also keeps you in control. If you want you can change your staff ID card on a regular basis. For example you can provide your retail staff with fun seasonal badges or use themed badges as part of a promotion.

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