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CreativeCircle Portfolio Part 1

So i was thinking to post a tutorial for a psd template design but as i was thinking why i don’t make a nice tutorial for how to create a complete PSD template for your portfolio, it can be used as a logo and a enterpage!


Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Duration: 20 minutes


What will you create:

  • Part 1 – Enter Page
  • Part 2 – Design Home, About, Portfolio, Contact Page (soon!)

In a simple 2 parts tutorial you will create a retro beautiful Portfolio page with a awesome enter page.






Lets start 🙂


1. Open a new document with 1000×1200 pixels and name it CreativeCircle




2. Fill the background with #f3f3f3




3. Add noise (Filter>Noise>Add Noise)




4. Draw a Circle with Ellipse Tool (U)




5. Add those layer effects to the circle:




6. Now your circle must like this




7. Add the text “Creative” in the middle of the circle with the font “Halo Hand Letter” that you can download from dafont Here




8. So now we add a glow effect for our circle! First duplicate the Circle and bring it over the original circle layer but hide the original! And now click on the Duplicated Circle Layer and press CTRL + G to group the layer and then select the Group (just the group) and press CTRL + C to merge the group and the duplicated layer!




9. Hold CTRL by clicking the “T” icon in front of the Creative Text this will select the text and when its selected hit DELETE from the keyboard




10. Yeah it look pretty nice now but there’s a thing that is bothering me! The blue stroke line over the circle looks bad so now we will remove it!
first Select the duplicated circle layer (and now it must be merged with the circle text!) and set it to the front and give it a Soft Light effect, and then pres CTRL + T to transform it a bit larger to fit in the circle




11. Select the circle by clicking CTRL and with left click the Circle icon, then select the duplicated circle layer and right click on the selected area, select “Select Inverse”, hit delete from the keyboard
And the blue overly is deleted!




12. Lets add a shadow to our circle!




13. Lets add a little text under our logo! Write “CreativeCircle” and then use this drop shadow




14. We are done! Looks pretty cool, heh?

Download PSD

If you have any question please comment and i will help you 😉

Originally posted 2012-04-22 16:38:47.

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