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Content Tutorial – How to Make Great Contents

The people who have done with online business might find the troublesome condition lately by considering the fact that the ranking of their websites as the cores of their online business. Of course, such condition will be really bad for their business since the amount of the profit can be really low.

Well, you need to know that such condition happens because as the world’s greatest searching engine, Google has applied new algorithm to index the websites which is called Penguin. As the result, there should be some adjustments which need to be done by the website owners to make sure that the websites can remain great. Well, the secret is actually to cope with the contents of your website. You cannot be inept in making the articles of your website if you want your website be indexed properly. The thing that you need to do is actually to think about the proper keyword placement and density of your article.

Your article should have one keyword in the beginning of the title, in the first 100 words of the article and in the last 100 words of the article. The rest can be spread in the article just make sure that the density is about 2%-4% from the total words of the article. You should also include at least two subheadings which also contain the keyword. Such kind of article will be really amazing for the greatness of your website and your online business.



Originally posted 2012-06-12 15:25:11.

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