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Codex Cloud: The YouTube For Books

Codex Cloud is great news for book lovers and budding writers! While e-books are generally cheaper than their physical counterparts, the cost of buying a reader or a tablet plus paying per book (or subscription) can be quite significant.Codex Cloud is a free e-book library where you can upload, read and download a large number of e-books. Hence, the comparison with YouTube, or as they mention on their website, Google Music.

The UI of the website is convenient, with the ability to browse by categories or based on popularity, and a search function. Once you find a book, you can read it on the website itself, download EPUB files or find the same book on Amazon. EPUB files work on all readers except Kindle, and for people without tablets, reading on the website would be the best option. If you wish to upload a book, you can use EPUB or PDF. Other formats like .txt, .cbr, .rtf, etc. are supported too but they will be converted and that may have an unfavorable impact on your book.

Like YouTube and many other websites based on user-generated content, Codex Cloud has also faced copyright issues, leading to protection and removal of several books. Down the road, this problem may be detrimental to the variety on the website, or publishers may find a way to use Codex Cloud to their advantage – who knows? Youtubehas given birth to many a stars (read Justin Bieber) and we could have the next biggest literary from a self-publishing e-book portal one day. But before it can go that far, Cloud Codex needs to tie up loose ends like the reading service and better social media integration. Only then can it hope to build its credibility and legitimize itself through popular demand.This was a guest post from Read reviews of your favourite storage providers

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