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7 Steps to Start a Portfolio!

BREAK YOUR BRAND! So those are 7 steps to start a good portfolio! What you need and how to do it Those are just recommends it doesent mean if you dont like it to do the same as i do when i start my portfolio

Useful Tips to Choose the Best SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

Perhaps you have learned that SEO friendly websites rank effectively at search engines. It simply means that the search engine can easily track your sites content. Sadly, lots of WordPress Themes does not provide optimization and manageable designs. Nonetheless there are premium themes that let

How to Create a Custom Login Page for your WordPress Theme

f your site requires people to login and you’d like them to do it via your theme rather than the default WordPress login screen ( wp-login.php ) you can create a custom login page using a page template. In this tutorial I will walk you

10 awesome TUT+ vector tutorials

In this thread i have collected 10 awesome tut+ vecotr tutorials credits go to the tut+ writters and to the Envato Group!       1. How to Use Typography to Create a 3D Text Effect       2. How to Create a Vector Grass Text

How to Create a Glossy Gray Text Effect with photoshop!

Hi, In this tutorial im going to show you how to create a glossy gray text effect with photoshop! These are simply 13 steps to get a cool & good looking glossy logo or banner for your website or you make it just for fun!

10 Youtube Photoshop Effects Tutorials

Thousands of photoshop tutorials are available in youtube. You can learn more about photoshop using these videos in youtube even if you are a beginner in photoshop. Here are some popular photoshop tutorials in youtube. 1. Realistic Fire Text Effect 2. Lomo Effect 3.  Sepia

10 Easy Creative Photoshop Text Effect

Here i have Collected my list of 10 Easy Creative Photoshop Text Effect all of those are easy to use and really good looking so if you have not  really good skills in Photoshop/Illustrator this list will help you to create some creative text effects! Note:

Top Resources For Learning Web Design

Fortunately, learning is not limited to only a small minority of people anymore; it is not even limited to visiting a school or a university. The Internet makes it possible for us to distribute knowledge at a small price, and is full of resources to