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15 New And Useful Tools For Web Designers

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New And Useful Tools For Web Designers – 15 Items

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Identify the font using WhatFontIs

When we think about the 21st Century, the word “evolution” is the first that comes into our minds. Time seems to be shorter than before and people seem to rush more and more. But along with evolution, there are still some things kept all the

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Codex Cloud: The YouTube For Books

Codex Cloud is great news for book lovers and budding writers! While e-books are generally cheaper than their physical counterparts, the cost of buying a reader or a tablet plus paying per book (or subscription) can be quite significant.Codex Cloud is a free e-book library

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Top 3 Questions to Ask a SEO Company

There are a countless number of questions that those who design websites often ask a SEO company before selecting one to assist with their search engine optimisation campaign. However, many people ask the wrong questions or ones that are not that important. Thus it seemed

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5 Powerful Responsive Web Design Tools

This post comes from Cameron Mackey one of the top internet marketing experts at McKremie. If you are a web designer or someone who is designer their own website for the very first time it is important that you know which web design tools to

Content Tutorial – How to Make Great Contents

The people who have done with online business might find the troublesome condition lately by considering the fact that the ranking of their websites as the cores of their online business. Of course, such condition will be really bad for their business since the amount

Usefull SEO Tips to get Faster Ranked!

Many search engines decide your ranking based on how many websites are linking to you (as well as how important those sites are). Eg – the more ‘important’ websites linking to you, the higher your ranking. Google is particularly famous for their PageRank system. To

5 WebDesigner Tips You Should Know

Here are collected 5 really good tips for webdesigner on how to design a perfectly website: 1. Protecting the content of include files A common practice in web design is to put repeated content (such as headers, footers, functions, etc) into a separate file then