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15 Web Design Navigation Showcases for Web Designers

Every year there are new trends in web design layouts due to the advancement in web technologies. Since CSS3 and HTML5, website design has changed significantly and with the help of various jQuery and minification tools, websites have become incredibly fast considering the amount of

15 Cool Posters Designs

Need some poster design inspiration?  You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some good ones to get your creative juices flowing. Black Swan The Shining Children of Men I can’t hear you, the music is too loud Fight Club Les Miserables Reimagine Argo Nature

15 Inspirational Film and TV Logo Designs For WebDesigners

Listening to good music or watching a nice movie with your friends have become dailiy activities these days. That is the reason why I took a few moments in searching for such media themed logo designs. The part that I found most interesting in designing

14 Extremely Useful Online CSS Button Generator Tools

Even if you know CSS3 very well some tasks take lot of time to complete and for this there are lots of tools available using which you can complete your projects quicker. These tools can help you increating forms, buttons, curve boxes, pages and lots of different CSS3 generated stuff. CSS

16 Best Logo Design Inspiration for Developer

Designing the perfect logo is a tough ask as you can often find moments that you can’t think of anything good,  Getting some inspiration before starting to design the logo makes this difficult job somewhat easier. Therefore, today’s post is features the top and the

16 Collection Of Online Apps That Are Pretty Useful

Planning and communication are two key elements in the development of any successful website or application. Since learning is a lifelong task that doesn’t stop after pursuing a certain academic certificate, this round-up is not only dedicated to beginners. It’s for everyone who wants to

16 Creative User Interface Designs for Developers

User interface design is the design of computers, appliances, machines, mobile communication devices, software applications, and websites with the focus on the user’s experience and interaction. If you got that right it means you understood that user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are two things

13 Beautiful And Stylish Letterpress Prints for Developers

For professional designers, Today we are rounded up beautiful examples of letterpress business cards design for inspiration. Greg Anderson This card works because of the stylish dirty texture, good use of color and, of course, letterpress. Designed by Thomas Guy. Chris Piascik The funky typography of

14 Sweet Examples Of Beautiful Web Designs

I mentioned this before, typography is an art, not only a bend of a pattern industry. Web typographyhas a stipulations and it isn’t nonetheless accepted and used to a full capacity, though typography in prints has reached a majority and there are no stipulations to it,