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Best Helpful Resources for Managing a Startup Internet Business

Competing in an online niche is not an easy task and web entrepreneurs are always looking for tools that could get them an advantage that the competition doesn’t have.

Task Management



The task management tool Asana works great for any type of company. Even if you are working alone by yourself, their interface is really simple for managing project tasks. Plus you can invite people into specific tasks as needed. I think it is a great place to start with a free account and see how you like the features.



Another free solution Teambox also puts a lot on the table. I am enticed by their backend interface features which allow for multiple project workspaces. This means you can organize tasks between different online products or even completely different companies. Also Teambox has a conversation feature where you can message other members on your team. It is definitely worth some consideration if you are looking for a free tool that’s also easy to learn.



To mention just one more resource Trello is a great webapp that comes attached with a free price tag. You can signup and invite team members to your projects forever on this free account. It does not offer as many features as you will find in other project management tools. The interface is a bit simpler and much more focused on tasks/projects rather than team collaboration. But if you like the interface then it is a wonderful solution for any new business.

Cloud Storage



Dropbox is a powerful solution for keeping your files organized and sharing entire folders with other people. It also offers a free plan which does limit the amount of files you can host. But this storage space limitation can be upgraded by inviting new people onto the service. I really like their web interface because you can drag-and-drop files to upload into your account. Also you can download entire folders of content as .zip containers right from the website! It has a great system for collaborating with other teammates and I highly recommend that everyone should have a Dropbox account.


People often forget about Google Drive, which comes out-of-the-box offering 15GB of free storage space with every Google account. Drive is generally meant for handling online documents including spreadsheets and presentations. But you can also upload other types of media for sharing with your team members. For a free service run by Google it does provide a nice allotment of features. But just the document viewing & sharing functionality puts Drive well above many other competitors. is another similar webapp you might consider.

Social Media Accounts



This newer product GrabInbox has not been online for too long. It is a service which allows you to manage a set network of accounts from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can schedule messages to post at certain times while also checking user responses. Signup is free but for now it’s difficult to tell how the company will progress. If you like demoing these tools as an early adopter then I say go for it!



Now HootSuite is a much more professional solution which has been tried & tested by many other companies. Their free service is phenomenal when you don’t have money to pay for a pro or enterprise account. You can easily manage social profiles from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other common networks. I would recommend trying HootSuite and sticking to them if you like the service. It is simple to use and you’ll never be forced to upgrade from a free account.

UI/UX Testing



BrowserStack is not a free service but it does provide great support for browser testing. You can quickly generate screenshots from any web browser over the various Operating Systems. It will save time when squashing bugs if your site isn’t rendering properly for a certain browser version. Plus you can run tests on more complicated features like JavaScript or responsive CSS within legacy browsers.

Visual Website Optimizer


One tool I can really get excited about is Visual Website Optimizer. This allows you to run A/B split testing on your website and track user analytics to learn from the results. I have been very impressed with the many case studies involving big-named corporations. When first getting started you may not have a need for A/B testing – or even understand why it’s helpful. But optimizing the user experience is crucial for obtaining the best results and delivering the best product out to your visitors.

Support & User Feedback



Intercom is an online service for handling user support problems. This includes a typical web-based helpdesk along with customer relationship management tools. Intercom is a beautiful system for overseeing a project with clients or customers. Even a free social networking site may find Intercom useful for managing support questions. Their free plan is a great way to play around with the features and determine if Intercom can really benefit your project.


uservoice support feedback user testing saas

The web application UserVoice is perfect for handling more direct feedback. You can setup a tiny widget on your site where visitors may directly send messages to your account. It also works as a support system with organized backend tickets. This is a great all-around solution for handling feedback and support problems within a project. Their plans can range up to $100/month but you may also keep the free plan indefinitely for one account.


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