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Best Collection Of Wonderful HTML5 Demos

Recently there has been a lot of talk about HTML5, mostly, because of the apple and Adobe conflict. A lot of people even started comparing HTML5 to Adobe’s Flash. Even if Flash can be rather extensive and can create some magical breath-taking things it is not without its bugs and does tend to crash computers a fair bit when it’s not developed right. When this happens, HTML5 comes as a great alternative to the ever-loved Flash.

Canvas Sphere

Canvas Sphere by Emil Korngold renders a 2D projection of the 3D points of a sphere using a tiny sprite 3D engine. The demo uses z-sorting and alpha motion blurring to give the sense of 3D and rotation. Check out the awesome demo!



Simple physics demo using the freshly released A3 WebGL Engine. Make sure to use Chrome to be able to see the demo. Pretty cool!


Noise Field

Particle trails via Perlin noise. Move mouse to change particle motion. Click to randomize parameters.



An amazing HTML 5 test, created by Microsoft to test the performance capability of your browser. Try it and see how many fishes you can run.


Sticky Thing

Throw it and see if it sticks.


Breathing Galaxies

Is a hypotrochoid with dynamically changing color and diameter powered by JavaScript. You can use the keyboard to change shapes mid-stream, or move the mouse to create a new shape.


Flower Power

Another experiment inspired by nature – simple drawing tool with flowers as brushes using bezier curves.


One Hour Per Second

Holy nyans! YouTube now has one hour of video uploaded to the site every second. To put that incredible figure in context, Youtube created an HTML5 site with some figures to compare it to — for example, how many nyan cat “nyans” there are in one day (e.g. 24 seconds of uploads)? Answer: 345,600!


Ball Pool

It is an awesome experiment, where you can drag multi-colored balls and also create some new ones.



In this experiment by using some small balls you may create 15+ different kinds of shapes, circles, and forms.


The Wilderness Down Town

Nice HTML5 Experiment, with a great “flash-like” look, originally built for Google Chrome browsers.



Great multi-colored shapes-creator built with Flash Canvas. FlashCanvas is a JavaScript library which adds the HTML5 Canvas support to Internet Explorer. It renders shapes and images via Flash drawing API, and in many cases, runs faster than other similar libraries which use VML or Silverlight.



Fireworks creator, build with javascript, with the gravity changing ability. Works great with Chrome.


Sandbox HTML5 Experiment

Sandbox is a red-particles shooter that “attacks” some black boxes that fall from the “sky”.


HTML 5 Video Distruction

Block based destruction of different HTML5 video, best viewed in webkit-based browsers.


9 Elements Experiment

Canvas, is an HTML5 experiment built by 9 Elements. It moves multi-colored particles after the mouse movements.


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