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Awesome Portfolio Websites Are Designed Nicely

Making a portfolio for yourself is a pretty difficult task considering the fact that clients will judge your abilities by the techniques that you used in your portfolio. However, this doesn’t mean that you should add effects and animations to your portfolio just to impress the visitors of your site.

Rosie Lee


Rosie Lee is a hybrid creative agency, with on and offline expertise in branding, advertising and retail design. We love the unique layout and the use of complementing colours makes it a winner in our eyes.

Studio Airport


Studio Airport is a design agency based in the Netherlands, with a strong online presence embracing airport graphics, large photographs and strong typography. We love the little animated reordering of contents that takes place in its Projects section when you switch options in the left-hand menu.

Paul Currah


Paul Currah is an award-winning multi-disciplinary graphic designer, delivering creative, innovative and engaging solutions to communication problems across brand identity, print, packaging, environmental, and digital. His portfolio is a clean and simple offering, with each project photo fading in and out, showcasing different aspects of the creation.



Teacake is a quintessentially British, inventive and conscientious design studio. Its online portfolio instantly catches your attention with its yellow backdrop and large imagery. Navigating through the site you see a strong and diverse portfolio of work. Our only plea would be for the trackpad to allow for horizontal scrolling through the content.



Smart! is a multidisciplinary team of professionals in graphic design, communication and information technology that have two offices in Buenos Aires and Perú.

Their online portfolio has a simple structure, with the grey turning to full colour once you hover over each project. We love that the selected images from each project are presented in a horizontal line.

Olly Gibbs

ollygibbsThe online portfolio of Olly Gibbs shows real attention to detail

Olly is a London based, multi-disciplined designer and illustrator who has already worked with the likes of Warner Bros, Muse, and The Salvation Army. It’s the attention to detail within his portfolio that really makes it stand out.

The sense of fun immediately showcases Olly’s personality, whilst the typography and lay-out makes it work aestheically. We especially love the ‘About’ section.



Pollen are strategists and innovators, as much as as they are designers. They have developed a format that allows them to work closely with clients as creative partners, engaging the target audience and driving results. Pollen have a beautiful structured website, comparable to editorial layouts. We’re a big fan of the chunky yet simplistic footer.

Robby Leonardi


Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City. Specialising in illustration, graphic design, animation, and front-end development, he has worked with the likes of Fox, Speed TV, FX Networks, myNetworkTV, and G4. This incredibly fun interactive design portfolio will have you scrolling for hours.

Lizzie Seymour


Lizzie Seymour is a designer that loves to dabble in character design, illustration, installation, a bit of coding, and stuff that moves. This adorably crafted portfolio will give you a sense of her brilliant work and her impeccably cute characters.

Björn Meier


This beautifully minimal, easy to navigate portfolio from Björn Meier is a feast for the eyes. Designed by German based agencyBASICS09, the portfolio went on to become recognised on theAWWWARDS.



Hyak is a full time freelance designer, who also happens to be a music producer by night. After high school he continued to study on his own, reading and gaining experience working as a graphic designer. This cleverly crafted portfolio has a lovely colour scheme and an ace scrolling experience.

Stereo Creative


London based agency Stereo Creative have created this simple, yet striking portfolio site. They explain, “Our people lead and deliver projects with energy and accountability. We’re flexible and responsive, adapting our approach to meet the needs of individual assignments. We stay close to our clients, partnering with them, to create and deliver as one team”.



Fieldwork are a focused team of makers and do-ers who specialise in crafting engaging experiences across digital, web and brand. Founded in 2012 by Loz Ives and Andy Gott, the company has worked with a number of brands including craft beer brewers and illustrators. Their attractive-looking portfolio is both clean-cut and easy to navigate.

Jeremy Sallee


Jeremy Sallee is a self-taught French graphic designer. Creating wonderful icons, Sallee uses a very popular portfolio layout but with a few precision tweaks to make it stand out from the creative crowd. Salle has an impressive array of work on offer that you can navigate using some very cute mini icons.

Marc Thomas


This portfolio from designer Marc Thomas teams a sleek layout with a handful of striking shades. His use of typography is masterful, plus the look and feel of the site stays consistent on mobile screens.

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