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Awesome Dashboards Mobile User Interfaces for Web Designs & Developers

Everyone my age will only remember the clicks as their first interaction with a application they liked to use.


EarlyBirds is a platform that customers use to outsource tasks they either do not want, or do not have time, to take care of themselves.



Portable Soundcloud for Android Wear

Souncloud portable application designed as a concept for future android wears.


 Geo Tagging

Always smth fresh from you. Cool colors, good job.



A cool video player design.


Somethings Cooking

As you can tell…. something is ‘a’ cooking! Here are some quick screens for you all. Now don’t criticize to early. I took a whole 9 hrs to make these bad boys.


Daily expense

This ui design may be small but i cant skip it. Its so beautiful.


WebApp Pro by Ben Garratt

Great use of subtle colors and simple, easily readable graphs.


 Bills Bills Bills by Cosmin Capitanu

Great data visualisation showing utility consumption.


 Some Analytics by Cosmin Capitanu

Contrast and focusing allow quick interpretation of the most important data.


 Buffer App by Buffer

Buffer is a great service that allows you to schedule sending out posts on various social media networks. With a simple two menu style interface, navigating the app is blissfully easy.


Droplr Dashboard by Victor Erixon

This mockup for the new Droplr dashboard is a great example of clean, simple UI design.


To-Do Dashboard by Tiberiu Neamu

This to-do dashboard is a work management platform for creatives with a lot of cool features.


 Job Summary UI by Mason Yarnell

A simple dashboard for managing job postings.


Concept iWatch

This is a project done based on Apple’s current iOS 7 and other “leaked” information.


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