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Responsive vs. Adaptive Website Design

Responsive vs. Adaptive Website Design: Pros and Cons

Mobile phones and tablets have revolutionized the internet and web design further than we realize at first glance. Ideally, one wants a website to look great no matter what device someone else is using to view it. With smart phones and tablets growing in popularity,

Crooked Stats Infographic Kit – PSD

A stats infographic kit by great folks at Pixelkit that will enable you to use visual representations of information and data to present complex information quickly and clearly. This freebie is a part of the full pack which includes more than 200 different elements Download

Ways to Make Your Web Page Self-Supportive

Ways to Make Your Web Page Self-Supportive

How do you pay for your website?  Now that you have it designed and looking just the way you want it to, how do you cover the cost of its maintenance and upkeep, as well as the monthly fee that you pay for the domain