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7 Very Useful Pictogram Sets

pictogram is a special icon that can represent a sign or a simple instructions, and sometimes it can also represent just an idea. Pictograms are mostly used for displaying public informationlike airport or traffic signs, directions, warnings and so on.

In this article you can find 7 sets with a few hundreds pictograms that you can use for free. Let me know what you think and also, if you have other pictograms, go ahead and share them with us.


1. Picons Social



 2. National Park Service Map Pictograms



3. Pictograms Icon Pack by US Department of Transportation


4. Aiga symbol signs



5. Default Icon Pictograms



6. Picol pictograms




7. 50 com­mon used sig­nage sym­bols



Originally posted 2012-05-14 18:41:26.

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