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7 Steps to Start a Portfolio!


So those are 7 steps to start a good portfolio! What you need and how to do it

Those are just recommends it doesent mean if you dont like it to do the same as i do

when i start my portfolio i was looking for high price webhosting (over 20$) it does not mean that you need a expensive webhosting or a unique theme

So Let’s Start:



1. Domain & WebHosting

The first step is to choose a good domain for your website/portfolio

example if you have a website that sells themes so your theme must be like: or!

or if you have your portfolio the theme must be with your company name or your name/username that you have choosen to start the website

So for webhosting In an older post i have listed 10 Best Hosting Services for Designers

It does not need to be expensive but must have 99% uptime guaranntee

Than just link your domain and your webhosting and lets start developing!



2. Chose the Best Template

I recommend WordPress for your portfolio as its easy to costumize and you can easy add new works that you have done in the past or will done in the future

There are 2 post for wordpress themes FREE & PAID:

5 Creative Premium SinglePage Portfolio Themes

15 Free Portfolio & Photo Gallery WordPress Themes



3. Logo

So the logo of your website or portfolio must be really good because users than know that you are a good designers

it need to be really cool looking but not so modern it must be like a Fresh work!

It must inspirate the People to come at you for there work to come at you!



4. Content

The portfolio must contain your best work and some testimonials (unique not stolen & and will a proof link!)

what you need to have on your website:

  • Best Work
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Page
  • Service Page
  • Blog Page
  • About



5. Advertise

Advertise your website/portfolio on every forum you can get that is based on what do you do!

You can hire a company to do that but its really easy so dont wast your money by paying someone to do the work if its easy

unless if you dont have time!



6. UpDate

Update your website on every thing what have you done! and inform people via email if  there will be any change or a giveaway or something similer!




7. How to Get Costumers

Well what you need to get costumers is ask the old costumers that you have worked with to rate you ask them for all the things like on a raiting website, testimonails so the new costumers will trust you!


So thats it I hope you will start your website soon!


Originally posted 2012-04-08 09:53:51.

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