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6 ways to add interactivity to your website

Interactivity is what makes the web such a powerful medium and can be one of the most effective ways of engaging your visitors. Call it a form of online ?bonding?. Just as importantly, having your visitors contribute is an ideal way to produce new content on a regular basis. Here are some ideas on how to make your website more interactive.


1. Subscription

People like to belong. You can offer this kind of experience by having them join a ?club? of some sort, along with certain privileges that come with membership. This may take the form of an email newsletter, entrance to an exclusive part of your site or just to be part of your online community.


2. Contests

An entertaining way to involve users is to offer Licenses, Softwares, contests, designs etc. Having them tie in to your website’s topic of interest is recommended.


3. Feedback

Offer surveys, feedback forms, questionaires and always a link to a ‘contact us’ page. User feedback is very important to maintaining and improving your site. I recommend you don’t actually display your email address anywhere as it will inevitably be spidered by spam companies.


4. Discussion Forums

If you can build a community around your website, half your battle is won. This is achieved with online forums. Online communities are self-maintaining organisms – they visit your website regularly, they produce their own content, friendships are formed all within the context of your website. In this situations, it’s a case of “come for the content, stay for the community”.


5. Help

Give the visitors an opportunity to ask questions. This can be handled in feedback forms (or even better, in your discussion forum), but a help desk designed specifically for that purpose encourages more interaction. A help desk is a good place to post your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


6. Search Engine

You want to make navigation as easy and intuitive as possible – a search form on each of your pages gives the user a one click option to any part of your site they’re looking for (in theory). It also encourages the visitor to actively interact with your site rather than more passive hyperlinking.

Originally posted 2012-05-19 16:23:12.

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