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5 Ways To Deal With Shopping Cart Abandonment

It can take a lot of time, effort and financial resources to bring your target audience to your website, and it can take even more effort to convince your customers to make a purchase. In many cases, customers will place items into their carts and will execute the sale without delay. In other cases, the shopping cart will be abandoned, and no sale will be finalized. After spending so much effort, the last thing you want to deal with is shopping cart abandonment. By understanding how to effectively deal with this issue, you can take steps to improve your bottom line with enhanced e-commerce sales numbers.

Create a Faster Checkout Process
Shopping Cart Abandonment
One of the reasons why shopping carts commonly get abandoned is due to the amount of time it takes to complete the process. Other distractions in the consumer’s life may pull him or her away from completing the process, and this can result in a lost potential sale for your company. When you improve your checkout process to make the entire process faster, you can decrease the likelihood that the cart will be abandoned before the sale is finalized.

Make the Checkout Process Easier to Complete

In some cases, customers may have ample time to complete the checkout process, but they may grow frustrated by the process. When there are too many choices or too few choices, it can be frustrating or confusing. It can also be bothersome when a website asks for too much information to complete the process. Consider asking for the bare minimum amount of information needed to complete the transaction, and try to put as much information on one page as possible. For example, the mailing address and payment information may be on one page, and a final confirmation may be on another page.

Follow Up After Abandonment

In the event your customers do abandon the shopping cart, consider making a follow up to your customers afterward. Some may have abandoned their shopping cart to shop around more or with the intention of returning. When you follow up with an email shortly after the abandonment, you are more likely to entice them to return to your store to finalize their purchase.

Allow Customers to Save Their Shopping Carts

Some may leave because they get busy with other things or to shop around, and others may simply be placing items in a cart to see how much their grand total will be. It is a great idea to allow customers the opportunity to save their shopping carts. This way, when they decide to return to your website to finalize the purchase, they can easily pick up with their transaction where they left off.

Improve Your Data Analytics

A smart idea is to improve your data collection and analytics processes. You can gather better and more accurate data regarding your customers’ visits and shopping cart experiences. You can also improve your analysis of this information. This can give you more personalized insight regarding the proper steps to take to decrease shopping cart abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment can be a costly problem for e-commerce sites. There are many reasons for abandonment, and your website may be more affected by one reason than others. Understanding why customers abandon their shopping carts and what you can do to combat it as necessary if you want to see results.

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Originally posted 2015-07-28 03:04:36.

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