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Monthly Archives: October 2022

15 Best Logo Designs Of September

There’s a lot of talk regarding what makes a logo efficient and impressionable, but what we surely know is that a creative logo has a lot more chances in the market against other logos because it attracts more attention than a plain, regular one. January:

16 Tools And Apps Necessary For Web Designers

I recently wrapped up a post that discussed the most essential web apps for web designers, and turns out that a lot of the community members were able to agree with me, and even encouraged me to do a follow-up, of some of the essential design

15 Cross Platform Mobile Development Frameworks for Everyone

Since smartphones have been popular, the apps market has been growing significantly and a lot of developers turned their attention to it, making mobile app development quite profitable. JayData JayData was launched in 2012 to provide a standard, cross-platform library and method to access and

15 Responsive Web Designs for Developers

Things are changing in the tech world and the migration of users from PC to tablets or phones adds modifications to the way web sites are designed because web sites have to be optimized for these new platforms. Draftfcb This website hits all the right

13 inspirational examples of Tattoo art

So, whether you’re after tattoos design in the style of your favourite artist, or want to peruse the latest styles and trends, check out these examples of fantastic tattoo art design – and discover the creatives who are pushing the artform ever further…  Jean Le Roux Jean

16 Brilliant tools for web designs

There was a time when most of the contracts that were for web designers were to create portfolio websites. Things have changed a little and although people are still asking for portfolios, they are also asking designers to create big and serious projects with complex

14 Javascript & HTML5 Game Engines Libraries for Web Designers

So to make it simple big game developers started licensing their Game engines. These game engines have become a major source of game developers like Unreal. With the advent of Mobile gaming where the development budget is even lesser the need for HTML5 AND JAVASCRIPT

14 Tools for Responsive Web Design Techniques

Even though many people are stating that responsive web design is taking more time and money to implement it isn’t at all true. It may be a statement of frustration to try to minimize the importance of RWD and start a movement against it. 1.

12 Mobile App Designs Featuring Graphs and Charts for Designers

Tons of information comes to us from all around each day. Sometimes it’s really difficult to grasp it in its primary form. But designers have the talent to turn all this boring data into awesome presentationa using graphs and charts. Temperature Screen by UNKL is also

Best 8 Websites for Web Designers & Developers

Each month, HOW editors peruse hundreds of websites to find the best of the best in terms of design of websites and sites for designers. The results yield the Top 10 Websites for Designers. In reviewing these websites, the editors are looking for exceptional design