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Monthly Archives: October 2020

14 Latest Tools And jQuery Plugins For Developers

In the past weeks I made articles with tools for web designers that would fall under a certain category, searching for golden resources on the internet for myself and for you also. While making those articles I postponed a few times this article with newly

13 jQuery Plugins That Handle Touch Events for Developers

A lot of issues emerged with the launch of the innovative smartphones that had touch screens, based on touch events and how they are managed through a mobile browser or on various websites. Hammer.js Hammer.js is a javascript library that can be used to control

13 Best Executed Vector Illustrations

Vector artwork involves a lot of hard work and a knack for thinking outside of the box. It ranges from the photo-realistic to the very abstract. Almost all vector artwork is dazzling. It focuses on details and lighting as well as surface gradients.  Alexandar Johnson

15 Showcase of Recent Websites With Best Designs

When it comes to recently launched websites that get a lot of appreciation thanks to their design, you’ll notice that they don’t have a standard layout. Instead they organize it in an outrageously new manner, probably after making an user experience study, and people like

15 Brilliant Conceptual Vector Designs for Developers

A few weeks ago, we showed you some very good logo design tutorials and techniques. Now it’s time for some logo design inspiration. Here are 30 very good examples of logo design that should help you come up with your own excellent logo ideas. 1. Castle

Top 10 Websites for Web Designers

A free type resource, a voice against logo design plagiarism (finally!) and a travel site that works—these are just a few of the gems that Adam Ladd, HOW’s art director, found while assembling this month’s top website designs. Pencil Pencil is a new stylus for


Packaging needs to be smarter and more creative in the future for various reasons. Till now, when once in a while a creative package design was created it made a real buzz in the market. However, the world of packaged goods is becoming mature and

15 Best Logo Designs Of September

There’s a lot of talk regarding what makes a logo efficient and impressionable, but what we surely know is that a creative logo has a lot more chances in the market against other logos because it attracts more attention than a plain, regular one. January: