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Monthly Archives: November 2018

14 beautiful examples of letterhead design for developers

Having a well-designed letterhead can really help sell your talents as an artist. Whether for your mail-outs or a covering letter for your design portfolio, the point is to grab the reader’s attention as soon as they open the envelope and a beautiful, memorable design

15 Useful jQuery Tooltip Plugins That are useful

The other week a client asked me to make a div appear when hovering a link so I thought immediately at a jQuery tooltip. Sure, getting one that was appropriate to my needs was a little bit difficult and I found myself searching through a

15 WordPress Premium Themes

After the Awesome  25+ Free WordPress Themes 2013 first part, we have collected the next series of WordPress themes to refresh your blog something new to catch more readers and retain them. Yes! the design of your blog is important like the content you write.


Interactive innovations and HTML5 experiments are often best appreciated in a barebones environment, so it’s no wonder numerous minimalist websites show off entrancing effects. That said, many (if not most) minimalist sites are still, well, minimal, keeping the focus on their products and content. 1. Solo

14 Brilliant design portfolios for Designers

01. Adhemas Batista Adhemas Batista’s portfolio reflects his passion for colour A Brazilian-born graphic designer and artist based in Los Angeles, Adhemas Batista has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony. His awe-inspiring portfolio reflects his passion for exploring

14 Showcase of Textures in Print Designs

The use of textures can dramatically improve your print design work. You can (if used sensibly) add more depth to your work, whether your work be business cards, advertisements or posters. The results of using texture in your print design projects can be completely different

14 Useful CSS Generators And Tools

It is quite lovely to see that new tools are launched pretty often to help web designers or web developers do their work easier. Although most of these below are new I’ve also included a few oldies but goldies that I’ve used over the years.

14 Best Photoshop Brushes To Use In Photo Manipulations

In order to create a great photo manipulation you have to combine skillfully certain elements to achieve that symbiosis between photography and graphic design. Fantasy Lighting Brush Kit Skin and Cosmetic Brushes 3 in 1 Tree brushes Blood brush set Bullet Holes Brushes Mountain brush

15 Awesome Logo Design Inspiration

Awesome logos have appeared this month on the web and 45 of them are here in this article. I’m happy to see that new logo designers make their appearance and submit their work. It’s nice to see fresh styles and visions. Anyhow, enjoy these smart

14 Latest Javascript Resources For Web Designers

Javascript and jQuery plugins are very important resources nowadays for designers as clients want everything to be dynamic and modern. They are important also for their versatility and the possibility to create incredible new features with them. jQuery.fracs – determine the visible fractions of an