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16 Search in Mobile User Interfaces for WebDevelopers

As I was waiting for a table at a local restaurant the other day, I flipped through a couple of the free classified papers. I was shocked to realize how dependent I’ve grown on three simple features that just aren’t available in the analog world: search, sort and filter.



This transparent UI kit makes beautiful use of translucency to help add an almost futuristic feel to the design. The color scheme is more muted so as not to be overwhelming, and the transparent containers look stunning against image backgrounds.




This minimal UI kit uses plenty of white space to help separate out elements and to keep everything calm and ordered. It makes use of a bright, vibrant blue for primary buttons, which helps them to stand out without looking garish.




The above UI kit makes great use of flat design, and includes a stylish weather interface along with login forms, colorful buttons and gorgeous typography.




The Morph UI kit includes graphs, forms, tables and bright, colorful buttons and forms a stunning starting block for any web app.




The UI kit above is heavy on the red and white color scheme, which helps to create a distinctively branded interface. It’s designed with mobile apps in mind, so it’s sure to look great on the smaller screen.




This UI kit uses minimalism elegantly, and makes full use of clean, calming white space. It features a muted, subtle color palette, which creates a gorgeous map, graph and charts.



This minimal UI kit adopts a flat design aesthetic perfectly, and includes a design for graphs, a map and even a weather app, all while making use of an elegant, blue color scheme.



This UI kit has been designed to suit a music app, and makes use of beautiful, subtle image backgrounds with the UI elements overlaid on top.



This beautifully designed UI kit features a vivid yet elegant color scheme, and includes designs for a video player, a calendar, social sharing buttons and more.



The above UI kit makes effective use of minimalist, but bold, color – with bright orange buttons and switches that contrast heavily with the dark backgrounds. The flat design aesthetic is in full force here too, and the end result is a remarkable and stunning UI kit.



This minimal UI kit stands in stark contrast to the previous kit, as it’s light and airy and makes beautiful use of white-space to help feel calm and clean.



This UI kit works beautifully with images as it uses transparency well. It features a calendar, countdown timer, login buttons and more.



This dark UI kit is gorgeously designed and has an almost moody quality to it. It contrasts it’s dark backgrounds with bright, colorful buttons to help make your interface easy to use.



This free PSD contains a login form, radio buttons, checkboxes, tags and more, and has an almost iOS7 feel to it, with it’s use of thin font weights and plenty of white space.


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