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16 Creative User Interface Designs for Developers

User interface design is the design of computers, appliances, machines, mobile communication devices, software applications, and websites with the focus on the user’s experience and interaction. If you got that right it means you understood that user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are two things that are involved with every digital program that is out there and it’s quite a big deal to know well these.

Coffee Compass – Finding the best independent cafés


Coffee Compass is a simple and efficient app concept aimed at encouraging users to seek out the best independant coffee shops near their current location. It is quick to use, gives great results and helps get personal recommendations.


Viber for Mac

by Aleksandar Djuric

More experiments with Sketch! Loving it so far.viber

FoodShootr Updated for iOS 7- Search

by Alexander Perri

FoodShootr is the best way to share your love of food with the world! Share beautiful food photos, see what and where your friends are eating and discover great places.


Knowledge Hound UI Design Concept+Logo

PROJECT BY Fabio Di Corleto

Logo, UI and icon created for the app project “Knowledge Hound” by Antonio Esposito.



PROJECT BY Arturo González

A revolutionary app, created to allow you to get around freely within the Greater Barcelona Area either when using a public transport system or sharing a private vehicle.


Skype Interface

by Flavio Santana Applying a new interface for skype call. What you think?


iMelo – A Music App Concept for iOS

PROJECT BY Harvey Lorimer

This is a project where I attempted to create a made up concept for a music player application for iOS / iOS7. I created everything in Photoshop CS6. In total, it took me approximately 4 hours 30 minutes.


App Mock-up

PROJECT BY Aleksandr Samoc

Great way to present your artwork!


Mobile Ticket App

PROJECT BY Piotr Kwiatkowski

A concept of mobile ticket application.


Chamonix Experience iPhone app

PROJECT BY Multiple Owners

An interactive and engaging Chamonix Experience iPhone app. Created to bring all the information required at the Chamonix ski resort into one simple place.


Energy Company Dashboard

by Etch

Some serious doses of data visualisation in our latest client project.


FB Game UI

by Danny Farmer

Still in development for the time being, this little guy should be pretty fun to play around with! The aim is to bring a casino platform that utilizes avatars into the facebook gaming space.


Flat UI Web Kit 2

by Chris Farina

Working on another Flat UI web kit. Stay tuned for more shots and progress.


Flat Dashboard Design

by Dhanish Gajjar

The project did not go any further, but sure I would like to share some of my ideas.


Orbit – User Interface

PROJECT BY Lorenzo Moschi

Orbit is a technology synchronization and file sharing that promotes collaboration safe and organized within the company.


Showdown User Interface Elements

by Tommie

File was split in four smaller files for easier management and grouped by elements category like:containers, form elements, informational widgets and navigation.


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