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16 Awesome Examples of Responsive Web Designers

esponsive web design is undoubtedly a rapidly growing trend right now, the increasing tablet and mobile device usage has definitely been an ingredient in the success of web responsiveness. It would not be surprising to see the majority of popular websites adapt responsive web designs in the near future.

Lakeland Regional Medical Center


Not only is the Lakeland Regional Medical Center website beautifully responsive but it is simple to understand and easy to navigate. The website segments its audience beautifully and the responsive features are expertly executed so a patient on any device can quickly find information. If website design wasn’t enough, the center employs videos and interactive campaigns making their site a fantastic example of how medical centers all over the country can get with the digital future.

Silverton Health

Screen-Shot-2014-03-05-at-9.55.40-AM-1024x573 is a great example of a responsive site with well executed, strong visual components. This website boasts expansive imagery across all breakpoints and handy graphics that showcase the most important information first. A great feature is the emergency room wait time widget featured front and center. These well thought out design elements showcase a great understanding of Silverton’s audience. Great job!

Health Innovations Ohio


One of the best things about this site is the navigation. Too often, sites designed for multiple generations end up taking on complex navigation schemes with multiple drop down menus across numerous areas of the screens and sometimes hidden from view. While this approach is great for certain millennial-focused websites, it can loose larger populations. Health Innovations uses a wonderfully simple navigation bar that even the least tech savvy can understand. The design is clean and focused while showcasing clear calls to action making the site perfect for a broader audience.

Legacy Health


Rarely do websites translate scrolling banners into success responsive elements. Legacy Health, a Portland and Vancouver-based hospital clinic, utilized playful colors and minimalistic but powerful content that also read well on your mobile device. Need to request your medical requests, pay your bills or find where a hospital may be located? Legacy Health’s navigation makes it easy for patient’s to find the services they will need the most.

Kaiser Family Foundation


Health information can be hard to digest but the smart folks at the Kaiser Family Foundation have made these digestible for their users. Through the use of beautiful infographics on their homepage, you can get top-line information or dig a bit deeper. We also love the “Trending on KFF” feature which highlights all the popular topics you might want to check out.


National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)


The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has advocated and supported LGBT businesses for over a decade. It recently re-launched its website and I’m a big fan of the newfound combination of visual simplicity and functionality. Not only is the website fully responsive, it allows prospective businesses to complete their entire certification online, streamlining NGLCC’s main service and saving hassle for its members.

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees


Like most Unions and Associations, IATSE has many resources to offer its members throughout its website but its design neatly arranges its news, education, forms and social media feeds for swift navigation. Representing the people that work tirelessly to make live performances happen, it’s fitting that their website has the slick feel of a broadway theater backstage.

Solar Energy Industries Association


As the Solar Energy Industries Association celebrates its 40th year in 2014, it’s amazing to see how far solar energy has come during that time. Our favorite feature is the scrollable timeline on the About page, offering a succinct history of the Association and the Solar power industry in America with sleek design.

America Association of Endodontists


Don’t worry, we didn’t know what an endodontist did either. Luckily for all us, the American Association of Endodontists is smart enough to highlight it, “Endodontics: The  Root Canal Specialists.” Their site offers a large library of resources to members, patients and anyone who looking for a career in Endodontics. Don’t fret about missing this information offline. The site’s responsive design keeps everything compact and easy to navigate from whatever device you use.

Food Marketing Institute


The Food Marketing Institute is a leading advocate for America’s retail food industry, representing nearly 40,000 stores across the country. Looking for information and resources on the food industry? FMI is the go-to site, as a result of the clean, clearly organized content. Quite the feat for both desktop and responsive designs.


CAF America


The Charities Aid Foundation of America specializes in global grantmaking and international philanthropy but its fresh, vibrantly colored website is remarkable. The site is not only responsive but also reflects the important work CAF America performs around the world by connecting donors with hundreds of worthy causes. By offering detailed information on its ongoing programs and allowing visitors to donate easily to funds established by individuals, families and business across the globe, this website is a one-stop-shop of global giving.

Lutheran World Foundation (LWF)


From the logo to the color scheme to the polished site structure, this website embodies the spirit of the Lutheran World Foundation – a global communion of Lutheran churches in 79 countries. The numerous drop down menus allow for quick navigation, while the Responsive design keeps the website looking pretty no matter the size of your screen.


onecampaign-screen-shot-1024x542 (1)

ONE is no ordinary nonprofit, so it makes sense that its website is extraordinary. Cofounded by Bono, ONE is striving to eradicate extreme poverty around the world and particularly in Africa. Our favorite part of the website is the Take Action page, which, besides being beautifully designed, encourages visitors to take real action on AIDS, Food, Energy and a number of other issues in Africa and beyond.

World Wildlife Fund


The World Wildlife Fund has been the world’s leading conservation organization and a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn about the major issues in the field today. By dividing the site into Species, Places and Threats tabs, the site gives visitors freedom to browse the numerous flora, fauna and ecosystems and receive a detailed account of the current situation and efforts to safeguard it. Plus, who doesn’t like to look at animal pictures?

Easter Seals


Easter Seals offers services and support to more than a million children and adults living with autism or other disabilities in the US and Australia. Its recently relaunched website is a massive improvement on its predecessor – providing visitors with easy navigation, simple front-end design and, most importantly, detailed descriptions of Easter Seal’s numerous services for needy individuals and families.

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