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15 Smart Logos which are Nice

Already veterans, Sean Farrell, Logomotive, Alen Pavlovic, Josiah Jost and OcularInk are giving their creations to this gallery. Besides them, new graphic designers are entering Design your way’s circle by gaining their position with good quality logos on which they worked hard and in which they invested some serious brainstorming and talent.

1. Texas association of stolen children

Designed by Sibley/Peteet design

This one is my favorites logos and it is unforgettable! White playhorse which everybody knows and can recognize with black colored outline of child on the horse and black background which makes an illusion that child had disappeared. Amazing, what designers can create just from shapes and two basic colors!!!


2. Avid Technology

Designed by The Brand Union

Avid’s logo is composed of simple geometric shapes derived from the fundamental buttons of the digital audio and video solutions: volume up, volume down, play, pause, record and forward, signaling of the companies core audio and video offerings. Company’s name is spelled out in distinctive and abstract letterforms.


3.Bison, Vancouver

Designed by Seamoose

Logo design for rock band from Vancouver B.C. This logo is very intelligent solution in my opinion.All what designer did was take all the letters of the word BISON and make them look like a bison body. I like the way how the body details are found within the letters, as tail or horn. The version linked seems like a much easier execution.


4. Eight

Designed by Stylo Design

Really original and fresh logo design with variations of an 8 to made word eight. Even the placing of TM is placed in the right place to create an angle and clarity of the design.


5. One Degree

Designed by Landor Associates

This logo was created to drive public action on climate change. If everyone could change their behavior by just one degree, we could change the future of the planet. Both – number 1 and symbol of degree represents a person and meaning of conception.


6. Lets fix this

Designed by dache

This logo was created using different colored puzzle pieces locking together in the shape of a cross and represents how many parties can come together and fix their own problems in an online resource.


7. DJ Loop

Designed by mavleeb

Don’t need any explanation .Simple, smart and clear.


8. Friedman psychology group

Designed by Mugar Mihai

Butterfly, two faces, person with wings or maybe inkpot? Freedom of mind. Fantastic and awesome representation of the field it was designed for.


9. Guild of Food Writers

Designed by 300million

Logo for guild of food writers. Spoon within a true nibbled fountain pen. There is a meaning!


10. CSCN

Designed by Jovan Rocanov

The idea of this logo, which is designed for Consumer Society and Citizen Networks, of course was to show the protection of the consumers. There is combined a well-known symbol of the market such as the bar code (which graphically looks like the rain) with an ordinary umbrella (symbol of protection).


11. Push The Bottle

Designed by hemisferiod

Manipulation of the words within the clever graph representation.


12. Invisible Agents

Designed by AlexWende

They provide custom data driven web and application solutions and enables designers to incorporating their graphics into this solutions.


13. Piano Forest

Designed by JasonCho

You can see forest and piano keys and can see them together…So clever and clear!!!


14. Wiesinger Music

Designed by NEXQUNYX

This logo is the sort of simple excellence that can inspire. Great monogram. Smart solutions.


15. Logotomy

Designed by logotomy

Logo design for personal name. It speaks by itself and the opened forehead is what draws you into the surprise of a TM…


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