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15 Resources That Will Make Typography Very Easy

Typography is an art form that has been around for hundreds of years. Simply put, it is an elegant way of reproducing text in order to make it more attractive. Typography is used by graffiti artist to produce those fantastic murals done with gigantic letters, and by web designers to create more interesting web pages. Each day web designers are experimenting with different techniques to beautify type.

Flipping Typical


Flipping Typical is an amazing online tool that allows you vividly explore every font on your computer. The fonts are displayed in your browser so you can sieve through the list and choose which one you want for your page.

Web Font Generator


Web Font Generator is an online application that allows you to easily convert regular fonts into @font-face web fonts. You can also use it to upload true-type fonts (.ttf), open-type fonts (.opt), and Windows Postscript files (.pfb). Web Font Generator also supports Mac’s .dfont format. However, since it contains multiple fonts, Web Font Generator will by default use the first font in the file.



The explosion of different fonts on the web is almost overwhelming CSS’s ability to handle the load. So, Paravel created an innovative plugin that uses JavaScript to query a system for individual letters.



While it can be challenging trying to combine the right fonts, finding the right fallback font can be even tougher. Luckily, FFFFALLBACK has taken all the hassle out this job. Simply drag the FFFFALLBACK bookmark to your toolbar and it installs itself. Then go to the page you want to test and click the FFFFALLBACK icon and it does the rest.

Font Combinator




The tag Image File Format or TIFF is an image manipulation tool used by web designers to create more interesting web pages by stretching and contorting images to change their appearance and juxtaposing it with the original.



Typecast is an application that allows you to not only compare how different fonts will look on your pages, but also lets you apply newspaper-quality fonts to your web pages and blogs for better readability. There are a staggering 23,000 fonts to choose from while creating web-ready content to paste into your pages. This eliminates the need to self-code CSS into your page to get the font you desire. The application does all the work for you.



Typekit’s extensive library of fonts gives subscribers a choice between the old reliable ones they have become familiar with over time and the new-fangled ones favored by today’s web designers. Typekit is a web-hosted subscription based library of fonts that you can pick and choose for your website. Typekit can be used on a number of platforms like WordPress, Typepad, and Posterous.


Web Font Combinator


Font Combinator is a web-based tool that allows web designers to quickly preview different font combinations in a browser. With it, web designers can edit any portion of text and view it in a browser before the final installment. The advanced tool bar located at the bottom of the page gives the designer complete control over actions such as modifying font size, line height, background color, and elements.



Type is an online tool use for comparing different fonts in a browser window. The different fonts are juxtaposed to one another for easy comparison. Typetester’s user-friendly tools add simplicity to a web designers’ job. Typetester automatically updates it6s font archive every time a new font is created by an operating system.



TypeWonder is a convenient online tool that allows you to compare fonts by simply entering your website’s address into a text field and clicking “go.” The fonts appear instantly for your perusal and selection.

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