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15 flat UI kits for web Developers


Flat UI Kit by Riki Tanone (free)

Here’s a nice free PSD kit of some widgets that are popular to use in web design. This one also has a wonderful color palette.


Flat UI Kit (PSD) by Devin Schulz (free)

This is a more extensive PSD for flat colors that has a very simple color palette. It includes everything from navigational buttons to tag styles.


Eerste UI Kit (free)

Eerste was obviously made with the idea of keeping everything as simple as possible. There are so many elements to choose from in this PSD to help create a wonderful website.


Metro UI kit (free)

This Metro kit reminds me a lot of what Windows is doing with their Windows 8 user interfaces. If you’re looking for something that bold, try this PSD kit out.


Ui Kit by Abhimanyu Rana (free)

Here’s another pretty simple UI kit that has some interesting pieces. Most notably, those buttons are really nice, and the forms are very well put together.


Flat Ui Kit by Zachary VanDeHey (free)

Most flat kits are very reliant on a great color palette. Zachary did something fairly different here by going with a very light, pastel color palette. It works!


FREE flat UI kit by (free)

This kit will probably need some editing once you get it into your project, but there are some nice pieces to start with thanks to this kit. The media player is definitely worth checking out.


UI Kit (PSD) by Piotr Kwiatkowski (free)

Flat design is all about flat color, but every so often, you find a kit like this. While there’s a very subtle gradient on these colors, you can’t deny where the basic principles of this kit come from.


Vertical Infinity (free)

This is a flat UI mega kit that you’ll definitely want to download. It has the various states of your buttons and navigation and it just has so many pieces that you’d probably forget about. This is a great free PSD.


Flat/UI Kit by Sebastiaan Scheer (free)

I like this kit because it features a very popular color and makes it a monochromatic color palette. The typography is delightful as well.


Flat UI Kit by Jan Dvorak (free)

This is just a wonderful kit that has little bits of character all over. I really enjoy the icons, navigation, media player and the graph. Very usable stuff in this kit.


Flat Design UI Concepts (free)

This one is also reminiscent of Windows 8′s user interface, however this kit seems to vale consistency in their palette a little more. This is another pretty big kit that has lots of elements, especially for a blog of some sort.


UI/UX Kit (free)

This kit comes with a variety of colors for you to choose from. It’s not as predictable as most kits in its design and stylistics, but it’s definitely something for those interested in doing something a bit different.


Flat Bold UI Kit by Simon Eramo (free)

I love anything dealing with basketball, so when I saw this one, I knew I had to include it. Otherwise, this kit is beautiful, simple and offers many variations of buttons. Great for news and statistics sites.

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