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15 Creative And Smart Typographic Logo WebDesigns

This essay was posted a week after than it should, though don’t worry, a trademark designs are as overwhelming as they were a week ago. July, surprisingly, wasn’t a month of vacations for trademark designers, instead it was one of a many heated of a year, carrying a lot of logos published on trademark galleries.

 V&A by Pentagram (Alan Fletcher)


Probably the mark that Pentagram is most renowned for, the late Alan Fletcher’s identity for the V&A Museum, designed in 1988 is breathtakingly simple and brilliant. The V and A mirror each other in form and the ampersand simply creates the crossbar of the A, ridding the need for any further detail on it. Brilliant.


 Plum by 400


Sometimes just applying a certain shade to a logotype can give it new depth and meaning. The colours 400 used in this logotype for telecoms and media consultancy Plum are very appropriate, as they remind one of different varieties of plums or plums having a varying degree of ripeness. The letterforms, particularly the ‘u’ and ‘m’ link together effortlessly.

 Make by Greig Anderson aka Effektive


The power of subtraction – sometimes removing a piece of a letter from the logotype can give the logo new meaning.


 Action on Hearing Loss by Hat Trick Design


Sometimes simply underlining and striking through letterforms can also convey an enormous amount. In this case, by underlining one section of the logotype and striking through the rest, it highlights the positive, ie. being able to hear and taking action, while the strikethrough eliminates the negative ie.loss of hearing and transforms the logotype into an inspiring call to action.


 Cutting Room by Made Thought


MadeThought captures the essence of The Cutting Room’s editing suite by contrasting two very different typefaces next to each other. The result is an elegant solution that is superbly executed across their website and packaging design. The identity is especially masterfully executed on the carrier bags, having been chosen to make full use of the corner of the bag. Brilliant.


07. 24 Heures du Mans


Negative space is everywhere in design right now, and that goes for logo design as much as anything else. And the 2014 logo for the legendary Le Mans 24-hour endurance race, conjured up by sport-oriented design agency Leroy Tremblot, makes good use of the trend.

Absolut vodka


Another recently redesigned logo, again making use of bold capitals, popular Swedish vodka brand Absolut also offers a rare example of punctuation in a modern logo. The full point shows the supreme confidence of the brand; conveying a message along the lines of: ‘This is the brand for you – period.’

The Silver Brown Dance Co


Based in Amsterdam, Mark Sloan is an incredible designer with a sharp eye for typography, which can be seen in his excellent body of identity design. His identity for The Silver Brown Dance Co masterfully mixes script and sans serif type in a way that they work cohesively together as a unit.

Edge Board


Edge Board is handmade chopping board with a unique feature – an edge you can use to gather and slide chopped food, preventing it from spilling on the floor. Here, the product’s initials happily coincide and demonstrate the Edge Board’s feature in a simple but effective fashion.


 CityHint by Deividas Bielskis aka Contrast8


This custom liquid-like identity for CityHint, an easy way to find and book spa and salon appointments, has a beautiful sense of flow and is a great example of letters working interlinking together effectively. In both cases the letter ‘t’ adds detail to other letters in the logotype.


Equilibrium by Noeeko


The subtle rotation of a single letter can convey a huge amount. Here just a small shift in direction captures the moment just before equilibrium (a state of rest or balance) is reached.


 Trafiq by Kissmiklos aka MIKLÓS KISS


A beautiful use of playful, yet classic ligatures in this logo for a Budapest night club. Here the ‘r’ and ‘f’ in the logotype complete the letter next to them.




The handwritten logo for popular email newsletter platformMailChimp reflects its informal and friendly nature, and along with its simian monkey mascot, forms a central part of the brand’s appeal. Typography guru Jessica Hische was recently asked to tackle a logo redesign; she lightened the weight of the logo overall and improved the vector drawing, with the letterforms revised for legibility, especially at small sizes. The end result, as shown above, is a more refined, refreshed look whilst still portraying MailChimp’s playful ethos.



MNML is a publication that informs readers about minimalist architecture and design, aimed at 20-35 year old art lovers. It uses a minimalist design and colour palette to portray the topic, and this logo design by its creator, graphic designer Cassandra Cappello, is a brilliant use of typography and negative space.

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