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15 Check Out The Good Looking Fonts for Developers

These font articles are rare but I try to gather in them the best new fonts that are launched since the last article or haven’t been included in the previous ones.

Okay Type: Harriet

A rational serif family, a contemporary reflection of the serifs popular in mid—20th—century American and English design.


Hoefler & Frere-Jones: Tungsten

The New Tungstens, a set of four different widths, each in eight weights. A compact and sporty sans serif that’s disarming instead of pushy — not just loud, but persuasive.


Jörg Schmitt: Ingrid Mono

The birth of the monospaced types dates back to the past. There was a need for the creation of typesets for typewriters. The difficulty was to align the different glyphs in the same width.


Lost Type Coop: Dude

A reverse contrast cowboy font thats got true grit. It’s not about weight, its about style. Twelve different serif styles inspired by country musics legends.


Sudtipos: Poem Script

A mixed collection of interpretations conjuring a late nineteenth century American pen script style.


The Northern Block: Baufra

A humanist sans—serif typeface, based on the sans—serif typefaces of the early 20th century.


Monokrom: Telefon

Based on the lettering on the original Norwegian phone booths, drawn by architect Georg Fredrik Fasting in the 30’s. A general purpose geometric sans serif in three weights.


Monokrom: Satyr

Contrasts convex with concave curves, sculpting letterforms instead of adhering to the traces of a physical tool.


Positype: Anago

Soft, ample letterforms are casually constructed and the end result produces a typeface that changes color as it varies in size — allowing the type family to work well in both text and display settings as long as attention is given to size.


Positype: Macha

It’s no-nonsense construction bears many influences from Gill Sans and Frutiger while stubbornly blending my own humanist touch.


Borutta: Wood Type Collection

Wood Type Collection from Borutta is a set of wonderful, warm and weathered hand made typefaces. The inspiration for this collection comes from a wooden letter blocks and other old technologies used for printing.


Font Bureau: Serge

A frisky, acrobatic face that dashes off decorative blurbs, signs, and headlines with a lively, angular zest.


Rene Bieder: RBNo2.1

A condensed sans serif typeface with a technical and geometric appearance.


Art. Lebedev Studio: ALS SyysScript

Handwriting of a strong Carelian personality revived.


Suitcase Type Foundry: Tabac Slab

Created by combining several contradictory influences, the result of which is a universal linear font.

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