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15 Best Logo Designs Of September

There’s a lot of talk regarding what makes a logo efficient and impressionable, but what we surely know is that a creative logo has a lot more chances in the market against other logos because it attracts more attention than a plain, regular one.

January: Six Three Nine


Six Three Nine Personal Training

Credits: Six3Nine

February: Slice


Slice works with world-renowned industrial designers to create innovative cutting tools for the home and office.

Credits: Manual

March: Bzzz Honey


Bzzz Armenian Honey

Credits: Backbone Creative

April: Prestone Printing Company


Prestone Printing is a full-service NYC printing facility featuring the full array of manufacturing equipment necessary to get quality projects delivered quickly, carefully and expediently.

Credits: Unknown

May: One Life Pirate Couture


OneLife Pirate Couture clothing line.

Credits: Wizemark

June: Woodshed


The Woodshed Horror Company, a production studio founded by Elijah Wood that focuses on elevated genre movies.

Credits: Olly Moss

July: Boom


Boom Social video advertising

Credits: Blow

August: MotorCar Workshop


“A hands-on mechanic with a great (and very bright yellow) garage in Botany. The no-nonsense logo hints at a single operator inside a garage and conveys the brand’s reliability, dependability and trust  – values you want in your local mechanic.

Credits: Coast Design

September: I was on vacation

I was on vacation during this month so there were no posts.

October: Alzheimer Monterrey 2013


The 18th Alzheimer’s Disease National Congress took place in Monterrey, Mexico, from May 23 to 25, 2013. The logo was inspired in two aspects of this illness. Memory loss, of course, is one of them. The second, more important one, is the love and comprehension its patients need to be treated with so that this disease can be fought successfully.

Credits: Mafer Pacheco

November: NewKid


NEWKID is a New York based clothing line, branded like a fake academy.  The packaging comes in a report card envelope when ordering tees, and a locker box when ordering sweaters or hats.  Each order also comes with an acceptance letter and membership card.

Since this clothing line is branded as an “academy”, the lion made a perfect mascot. Adding the bow tie on the king of the jungle, made the logo have a unique twist, as well as represent class as well as bravery, courage, power.

Credits: Corey Newkid

December: Metric


Metric is an architecture and construction studio based in Barcelona.

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