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15 Best Bundle With A Lot Of Useful Design Elements

One of the most useful collections of resources a designer can own is a library of vector graphics. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, there will always be times when you need to make use of a generic item. Usually you would have to manually create these peripheral elements, but having a collection of ready made items can be a real time saver.

Metrize Icons by Alessio Atzeni


A collection of 300 Metro-style icons for designers and developers. Available in PSD (single figure layer), SVG (single idol 512 x 512), EPS, PDF and AI formats. The set also includes Metrize Fonts Icons so we can implement a icons in your web projects regulating @font-face, pardon we adult to scale and tone them on a fly. A elementary how-to beam is enclosed as is a required scripts for IE7 compatibility.

Lynny Icon Set by Matthew Skiles


Based on a icons from a recently expelled iOS 7, Lynny is a good tiny set of 70 line icons. Fantastic for use on websites, in apps, and even in imitation work. PSD and AI files are supposing so we can work with them in your elite editor. Highlights embody a prominent heart, a camera and a cloud figure that’s used in several icons. The set is giveaway for both personal and blurb usage.

Bootsraptor Templates


Responsive sites are essential for any present business though coding from blemish can be time-consuming. Bootstrap is one of a many renouned frameworks on a marketplace and this complicated Bootstrap HTML alighting page with parallax outcome is a glorious proceed to get adult and using in no time. Designed in a renouned prosaic style, it’s a ideal place to start your subsequent project.

5 Business Card Templates by Cruzine


Here are 5 Business Card Templates in 2 sizes (3.5in x 2in and 55 mm x 85 mm). The templates are entirely layered and embody a PSD file. The files are print-ready CMYK during a fortitude of 300 DPI. All templates embody bleeds, trims and guidelines. Files have a royalty-free and can be used in an total series of personal or blurb projects.

200 Map Icons by Webiconset


Map Icons Designer is a set of 200 Map icons in PSD matrix figure and PNG format. They can be used as Google Map icons, plcae markers, indicate of interests (POI) on any map. Also enclosed are icons for tourism, sports, restaurants, hotels, travel and most more. There are 10 opposite styles of plcae pins for we to select from. What’s more, they can all be used in and with a Google Maps API.

20 Photoshop Actions by Tom Anders


The Clean Crisp Action gold was devised a to assistance we keep your shots professional, clean, and crisp. They now raise your photography in a click, so we don’t have to rubbish time fussing with layers and exposures. Created privately to be total to capacitate your possess singular artistic approach. 20 veteran actions enclosed in a set, giveaway for personal and blurb use.

Picadilly Font by Mateusz Machalski


The Picadilly rise family was done after a designer’s brief revisit to London and his sense of Edward Johnston’s works. He designed a family of 12 complicated typefaces with clever fact in a form of pointy inktraps. Free for personal and blurb uses.

89 Social Media Icons by Luke Taylor


Every site needs amicable media links, and there’s no proceed to fit a full list into a design; we have to have good amicable media icons and that’s accurately what this set is. Including sites like Dribbble, Dropbox, Facebook and YouTube a 89 amicable media icons are supposing as frail matrix outlines for easy modifying and resizing. Personal and blurb use on a web or in imitation is allowed, we can even revise and share a set!

198 Vector Icons by Inventicons


A good brew of icons that includes all from trophies, to keys to anchors. Forget your same-old tedious smiley face and thumbs-up icons; you’ve got 198 scalable icons to play with here. Keep a peculiarity total while changing a color, figure or orientation. All icons embody PSD, AI, PNG and CSH formats. Also enclosed are 9 Killer Photoshop Actions that can simply be practical with only one elementary click.

Card Doodles by Frisk Web Studio


Make your invitation, label or occasional striking unforgettable! Use these desirable flowers, hearts, doodles, ornaments, lines and more; as a categorical or additional component of your design.This record is accessible in both .ai and .eps formats and is giveaway for both personal and blurb projects (redistribution is not permitted). Designed by Frisk Web Studio. They specialize in creation hand-crafted things with courtesy to detail.



The classic banner is a design element that fits perfectly into all kinds of artwork, especially vintage branding or t-shirt designs. I always find myself wanting to add one to a design to emphasise a heading, but to sketch one by hand or construct one manually is a bit of a chore. This ribbons and banners kit contains plenty of styles (120 to be exact!), allowing you to quickly knock up some great looking artwork.



It’s always enjoyable (even for blokes!) to create pretty floral designs for wedding stationery, invitations or anything with a rustic theme. The trouble is illustrating ornamental floral elements takes considerable time and skill. Thankfully packs like this save huge amounts of time. There’s over 300 items in this set along with some really useful border patterns configured as Illustrator brushes.



With the popularity of vintage logos at the moment I find it’s useful to have a collection of precomposed files to hand that I can use to whip up a quick design. The Very Vintage Vector kit contains a load of ready made templates you can customise, as well as individual frames and illustrations that are already distressed and textured.



Imagine you’re creating a design and you want a city skyline in the background. It would take hours to draw all the individual buildings from scratch, all just for the sake of a background! The Lil Buildings pack included in the bundle contains 40 vector silhouettes of houses, office buildings, factories, churches, barns and castles along with 4 ready made skylines.



This is just a small preview of what the full bundle contains so I’d definitely recommend checking out the full roundup. At the discounted price of $29 you only need to find one or two items that take your fancy and you’ve already got your money’s worth, plus they all come with Extended Licenses so you can safely use the elements in your own work. I think the finishing touch with this bundle is the PDF Browsing Guide that’s included, so you’ll always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in your collection (a problem I often have when digging through my hard drive!).

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