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15 Beautiful typeface designs

Type design isn’t for everyone, but typography is, and nearly every designer works with it every day. This is exactly why Type Release creator Sean Mitchell is here to share with you a list of beautiful typefaces, all of which were released over the last month.

1. Reserves: Acronym


A highly refined neo-grotesque sans-serif based on Helvetica and its modern-day variants.


2. Hoefler & Frere—Jones: Landmark


The signature alphabet of one of New York’s most significant buildings becomes a family of clear and colorful display fonts.


3. Letters from Sweden: Kumla


Letters from Sweden’s first release in the “Fabrik Suite” — a project inspired by Swedish industry, factories and harbours.


4. Aesthetic Apparatus: Brass Rule Script


A geometric upright script constructed in the vein of the experimental “brass rule letters” from the 1952 German typography book Hoffmann’s Schriftatlas, combined with mid-century commercial chrome emblems.


5. Latinotype: Sanchez Slab


A new version, more robust, with straight edges that give it greater character and power.


6. TipoType: Amelia


A geometric sans, with the softness of humanistic strokes.


7. Constellation: Brooklyn


Started its life in an architectural model.


8. District: Hoban


Hoban is about contrast. Hoban wants to be noticed, but only after a second glance.


9. Typotheque: Supernova


A family that combines the spontaneity of a script typeface with the versatility of multiple weights and cuts.


10. Klim: Founders Grotesk Text


Maintains the same lineage and feel as the rest of the Founders Grotesk family, but works best at text sizes.


11. Letters from Sweden: Trim Poster


A new member in the Trim family and is designed with one purpose in mind: compact all-capital headlines without crashing.


12. The Northern Block: Eund


A geometric sans serif with minimal contrast. Shallow curves are smoothed out of rectangular letterforms to produce a fresh, legible typeface best suited to information based applications.


13. Hanoded: Inky Fingers


This rather obese font was made by hand — literally.


14. Nootype: Selfico


A modern font family, that has a strong verticality intensified with the vertical “y” and a special È.


15. Lennart Breel: Obscurity Sans


An uppercase display typeface inspired by shadow.


Originally posted 2014-11-09 18:59:59.

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