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14 websites coded in HTML5 for Developers

With the latest update to the HTML family, the HTML5 brings a breath of fresh air to the front end developing scene. Even if to the web designer, it is just an awesome tool that makes things fun to play with again.

Puma website


Toyota Prius Projects


The Wired Mind

The Wired mind is a visualisation tool that provides another way to browse the content on It’s been created in partnership with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser to show off some of the great things you can do with a really fast standards-based browser.

The Wilderness Downtown


The Bullit Agency

A artist representation agency gone crazy! Sliding content, menus that change position and no sidebar…sweet!


S5 Style portfolio

A beautiful example of what you can do with canvas. At first I thought it was done in flash, but was I wrong!


Rob Edwards Portfolio


Redsquare Agency


Portfolio Of Antoine Wette


Portfolio of Rickard Sund

Compared with other photographer’s websites, this is a breath of fresh air. No flash, just HTML5 and javascript. Nice sliding animation/navigation, with the possibility to download the pictures(nice customization).Really nice job !


Tron website

A really awesome presentation made with the pure awesomeness of HTML5s canvas! Just enjoy it.


Zara Media Design

It a design agency that implemented a slick horizontal scrolling effect of its content.


Karlsruhe Blog



A micro-bloging platform in Canada.–-un-micro-blog-par-Gab-Labelle-artisan-numérique-montréalais-–-photographie-web-design-vidéo-idéation-trucs-perso-et-2011-07-12-02-04-59

Virtuti design studio


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