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14 Showcase Of Well Designed About Me Pages

A creative about me page will attract a reader’s attention, and, more importantly, provide them with a quick sampling of what you or your company represents. Are you playful, stylish, corporate? All of this should be conveyed to your web site’s visitors.

Toby Powell

An interesting use of a cutout/silhouette sets this designer’s About page out from the crowd. A halftone self-portrait and a concise biography of the site owner rounds out this web page’s design.



Most designers use a professional headshot photo of themselves on their About pages, but this designer from Sweden presents an interesting and unique perspective with his overhead shot. Bold typography draws you in to create added visual interest.


Dan Joe Design

The designer used a grid layout in the layout of his About page. Contemporary colors inform you of the designer’s style, while a status message of his availability to take on new projects makes it clear to prospective clients whether he’s available or not.


Tim Van Damme

A unique and effective way of organizing your personal information on the web is to create an online business card (vCard). In doing so, we learn who the designer is, other places to connect with him, and how to get in touch with him.


James A. Reeves

The About page for James A. Reeves is simple and modular, allowing for the large-scale photography in the background.



The artistic design of Janis’s website is very captivating. It gives you a glimpse into the designer’s personal aesthetic style, while supplying the information you need to hire him for your next project. The use of large photography can leave a lasting impression on the visitor if done effectively, as shown in this About page.



Here’s another example where the designer used a self-portrait in a unique and engaging way. Including a large self-portrait on your site gives a potential client a real person to relate with.


Jared Christensen

Jared Christensen used a humorous, catchy self-portrait on his About page to not only allude to his sense of humor, but also allow the client to see his creative side a little more personally.


Jason Reed

Jason Reed uses a nice illustration of himself in his About page. The use of an illustration is another way to grab the visitor’s attention and add a more character to your About page.


Soh Tanaka

This designer organized his credentials in an easily digestible format. Large photography offsets the information and gives you an idea of the site owner’s style and influences.


Emerge and Bloom

On this website for a design studio, information is organized efficiently, both giving you an idea of their services while presenting attributes of the designers behind the company.



Here’s another striking About page. As you can see, the design is simple, but fun and illustrative.


Alex Dawson

Alexander Dawson (a Six Revisions writer) presents his About page in a very efficient, functional manner. From looking at his credentials, you get a quick overview of who he is, what he does, and the services he excels in. It’s really all you can ask for from an “About me” page, right?


Adham Dannaway

Through the use of a grid layout, Adham Dannaway achieves a simple, straightforward About page that also gives you an idea of his skills, illustrated as graphs.



The About page for egopop presents a large-scale photo of the designer as well as a simple biographical statement about himself and his history as it relates to his profession.


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