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14 Premium Plugins That You Need To Create Great Sites For Your Clients

The great majority of web designers and web developers have a few choice creative assets that they turn to, again and again. Each and every one of us is trying to find the best products and services that are available on the market, and use them to our professional advantage.

LayerSlider Premium Multi-Purpose Slider Plugin


Content sliders, image galleries, and slideshows are must-have for most websites. What you need is the right plugin to get them by. You are most likely acquainted with the solution that I’m about to recommend.


PrestaNitro Product Inline Editor


Next, I would really like to mention a world-class module that enables creatives to edit products for the Prestashop online stores they’re making – directly from front office. This approach has its perks, like the fact that you would find it much easier to manage a catalog by getting a full view of the changes you make to your template.


Madhai – Responsive Prestashop Megamenu


Speaking of Prestashop projects, how would you like a module that helps you make easy work of setting up complex megamenus? Madhai is based on Bootstrap, much the same as the Prestashop theme in its default form.

Besides, Madhai is the epitome of beauty: its design looks stunning. Not to mention, the module is cross-browser compatible, and completely responsive – being particularly optimized for touch-screen devices.


Shortcode Ultimate Plugin for Joomla


Moving on to Joomla-based websites, I knowjust the right plugin to generate essential shortcodes with.

It’s the Ultimate Shortcode Plugin for web developers and web designers, and a handy tool that wears a friendly user interface and proposes a drag-and-drop functionality, so you can take your pick from over 60 shortcodes and create virtually infinite varieties thereof.


Magento Customer Attributes Extension


If you’re making a virtual shop using Mageno, then how well do you and/or your client wish to know about the people who buy those products? Collecting data about customers is important, because it helps create a better supply for their demands.




Seeing as we are all part of Consumer Society, advertising plays an important role in our lives and has come to influence a large part of our decisions. When you are in the business of forging websites for all types of clients, conducting reasonable advertising is a lesson you have to learn – sooner, rather than later.




Sometimes, all that matters is for your websites to deliver an authentic and optimum user experience. User interaction should not be perceived as a required criterion of a job well done, but as an actual opportunity of making your website visitors engage with your creation, thus giving it meaning.




Since I mentioned the subject of your readers’ connection to social networks, I propose that you look for a proficient plugin to achieve that end. Monarch from Elegant Themes would be an excellent choice.


Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin


MailChimp is the finest way I know of to conduct e-mail marketing. However, the websites that bear your mark aren’t always tuned with it, are they? I wonder if you ever considered using Chimpy for this occasion.

Lizatom Shortcodes Plugin


Working on a blog or an online shop in WordPress? Then, you should ensure the best resources that there are. Lizatom is a superb plugin for WordPress, which discloses a huge collection of shortcodes for anything that you might need.




Here is another wondrous plugin that I absolutely have to include in my top preferences over this autumn.




When it comes to handing out woocommerce subscriptions, I have discovered an easy way to make sure they look well, namely an extension for the WooCommerce plugin: Subscriptio.


Content Timeline


Any type of content has the potential to reach the audience. However, not all websites manage to do that. I believe that, if you chose to implement a content timeline into your projects, that would literally transform your website’s user experience.


FrontEnd Page Builder


Have you ever been so pressed by time, that you thought you’d never manage to complete your client projects in a satisfactory manner? We’ve all been there,and will probably face the same situation again, in the future. When this happens, you need to know about a premium WordPress plugin that can help you out.


Joomla On Exit Popup Box


As we are slowly inching towards the end of my list with friendly, yet advanced plugins for website creation, I need to usher in a simple tool. Pop-ups are, for the most part, a powerful force in terms of marketing. This astute plugin works for Joomla websites, and allows you to show a pop-up as visitors prepare to quit the page. Use it well!

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