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14 Portfolio Sites That Are useful

Every designer or artist wants to have the best possible online portfolio to showcase his or hers work in a manner that will make the visitors become clients. That’s the desired result, but how does a portfolio have to be to deliver those results?

The answer is that it’s all relative. Even if we like it or not, the answer actually depends on the person that’s viewing the portfolio, cause ultimately, that’s the person who decides if he hires you or not.

Keith Clark


You might wonder what a video game has to do with an online portfolio. Well this is the website of Keith Clark who is some kind of CSS master. This is is an example of his work using HTML and CSS3. Now that’s something to use for “Recent Work”.

Jean Helfenstein


Meet Jean Helfenstein, creative developer and a real expert on front-end developing. His homepage is a showcase in itself, but also take a look on his projects and playground pages.

Tamerlan Soziev


Not as fancy as the other two, but still a great portfolio site. Tamerlan is more proficient in back-end coding, and makes excellent use of his portfolio by showing his position for each project. He has a clean list of his skills and services, and flashing the Time Magazine badge can only help.

Designer portfolio examples

Robby Leonardi


I already mentioned Robby’s site above, because this is truly the greatest portfolio site I’ve even seen. The Designsection is a beauty, but his interactive resume is simply a work of art. Robby is an expert in both design and coding, leaving no one questioning his skills with his site.

Heraldur Thorliefsson


Haraldur works for a design agency working closely with Google. While his homepage might seem not that impressive, his project descriptions certainly are. This is where he displays the project details, and more importantly his role in the project.

Adham Dannaway


Adham is both a designer and coder, and found a perfect way of showcasing his work right on the homepage. He also found a great way of using one of his interests (Jedis) for grading his skills. He made a very nice recent workoverview as well.

Writer portfolio examples

Kristi Hines


While Kristi may not have as flashy a site as the guys above, it’s a perfect site for the writer she is. She shows exactly what you can hire her for and has some impressive testimonials. Her site gives you the feeling she is a trustworthy writer who knows how to deliver quality work.

Sally Bacchetta


It’s great to see how writers say it with words, because that’s exactly what you hire them for. Instead of throwing around pictures, Sally makes sure everything she does is properly described. And she uses two little magic words which gives you an instant sense of quality: Award-winning.

Aubre Andrus


Let’s conclude this list with a writer who apparently is into superheroes (remember the point about giving it character?). Aubre is a versatile writer who therefore has a few different portfolio pages. She even has her owntrailer. She makes it clear what she likes to write about, with active social media accounts to support her statement.

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