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14 New And Useful WordPress Plugins for Developers

When talking about WordPress, staying up to date with the latest things is a must. This rule applies when talking about WordPress plugins too,

GPP Slideshow


The GPP Slideshow plugin for WordPress allows you to create minimalist image slideshows using the new Gallery post type or using WordPress’ built in shortcode on Posts and Pages. The plugin comes with a Widget for easily inserting a specific gallery into any widgetized are on your theme.

WP-Property – WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management


Developed by the same people who brought you WP-Invoice, comes WP-Property. As always, integration is seamless, the system is expandable and customizable, functionality is rich, and we are here to support it.

This is not a “collection” of plugins, but one full suite. You will not have to download and match together a plethora of other plugins, in the hopes of them working well together, to have all the features you need.

The only requirement, you have to use WordPress 3.0 or newer.


Flash Video Gallery Plugin


Create easily a nice gallery of videos for your site with youtube and flv videos. Extremely quickly to use, add the url of your videos and youtube url or Id’s and that’s it all.

You configure the module as a function of your needs. You can add titles on the videos, images in thumbnails, choose your colors, number of rows of thumbnails, video and thumbnails sizes, text format and a lot of things more.

Thumbnails are created automatically. You can add multiple galleries in the same wp. You can use the plugin as a widget too.


JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget


Creates a widget, which allows you to add flyout vertical mega menus from any standard WordPress custom menu using jQuery. Can handle multiple vertical mega menus on each page and offers 3 animation effects – show/hide, fade In or slide out. Widget also gives the option of selecting left or right for the flyout menu depending on where you side column is. For best results use 3 levels for the custom menu.


Slider 3D, banner, menu and images gallery plugin or widget


Slider3d GALLERY is a flash real 3D module with an expectacular desing. Slider3d Gallery is perfect to create:
– 3D photo galleries,
– 3D portfolios
– 3D menus
– 3D slideshow
– 3D headers
– 3D banners
– 3D catalogs for your products

Slider3d Gallery can be used like module or widget in your wordpress sites. In this plugin, you can configure a lot of params like size, colors, background, links to your post or external sites, photos (if you want use like ajax gallery), number of rows or images tittles. Very easy to use, create a gallery is easier than never. You only have to write your image folder and automaticaly slider3d show all your photos.


Cart66 Lite


Cart66 is a simple to use yet powerful ecommerce plugin for WordPress.


  • Sell digital products
  • Sell physical products
  • Sell services
  • Manage orders
  • Promotions
  • Tax by state (United States and Canada), zip code, or all orders
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Custom fields for products
  • Product variations that can optionally change the price of the product
  • Place products on any page or post
  • Sell internationally
  • Set your currency
  • Customizable email receipts
  • Affiliate platform integration

Checkout using:

  • PayPal Website Payments Standard
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Manual Checkout (you collect payments on your own, with an invoice or over the phone for example)




A simple plugin to display WordPress posts as a slideshow.


  • Fullscreen slideshow of posts
  • jQuery scroll animation
  • 2 presentation styles included
  • Randomize display order
  • Custom logo options
  • Description text
  • Multiple resolutions

WordPress Seo-Rank


Seo report on your dashboard of all your statistics ranking in web.


  • PageRank Google
  • Alexa Rank
  • Backlinks Google
  • Backlinks Yahoo
  • Users Registered
  • FeedBurner Subscribers
  • Followers Twitter
  • Youtube Subscribers
  • Widget

WP Code Editor Plus


WP Code Editor Plus (origionally AE Syntax) has changed its name to match the scope of the project. The project being to replicate the best features of off-line code editing software.

Current Features Include: * Syntax Highlighter * JavaScript Code Completion * Ability to resize editor via click & drag
Future Features may Include: * Options Page * Multiple files opened at the same time * Tabs * Horizontal Splits * Verticle Splits * Find and Replace * Revision Control * File Backup Ability * Preview Ability


SEO Auto Links & Related Posts


SEO Auto Links & Related Posts (SEO ALRP) is a combination of related posts and auto links plugin. The auto links feature is similar to SEO Smart Links plugin, without the 2000 posts limitation and faster.

The auto link’s concept is simple, instead of comparing all the blog posts title with the current blog content, it will only match the post title of posts related to the current blog post. In short, it is a related posts inside the blog content it self.

For the related posts, you have two options here, to find the related posts base on the post title only or base on post title and post content. The post title importance is higher compare to the post content. And during the process, the plugin removes stop words from the post content to get the best possible related posts.

BuzzGrowl for Websites [For Twitter and Facebook]



  • Get new visitors through increased social sharing
  • Increase page views
  • 1-click retweet function. 1-click twitter and facebook share buttons.
  • Easy to install, adopts style of your site
  • Show your best social content (Premium)
  • Customize look & feel (Premium)


NGG Video Extend


This plugin allows you to have a video lightbox popup in a NextGEN gallery. It’s very easy to use – just enable the addon and insert some shortcode (along with the URL of the video) in the image description and voila, one video.

Admin Customization


Admin Customization allows you to change basic settings in the WordPress backend. The plugin allows you to:

  • change the backend favicon.
  • change the backend logo.
  • hide the admin logo name.
  • change the login page logo.
  • disable dashboard widgets.
  • hide update notices and plugin update count.
  • turn on redirection to homepage on administration panels logout.

WP Custom Admin Bar


A really simple and easy to use plugin to help gain control of the new Admin Bar. This gives you options to change who sees the Admin Bar based on their user role, change or override the default styling or remove the Admin Bar altogether. It adds a menu to the Admin Bar which gives you the ability to disable it on a single page or sitewide for a single browser session.

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