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14 Javascript & HTML5 Game Engines Libraries for Web Designers

So to make it simple big game developers started licensing their Game engines. These game engines have become a major source of game developers like Unreal. With the advent of Mobile gaming where the development budget is even lesser the need for HTML5 AND JAVASCRIPT game engines arose.

1) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library-  Impactjs

Impact is one of the best javascript game engine that allow to developers for create stunning Games. You can develop HTML5 games for desktop and mobile browsers, supports FIrefox, Chrome,, Safari, Opera and IE also.



2) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library – Craftyjs

Craftjs is another excellent game engine that provide the interface to develop amazing games that has cross browser compatibility.



3) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Play Craft Labs

This playcraft engine provides a toolset for developers that helps to create any kind of games. This toolset gives you everything that you need to develop unique games and you can convert easily it to many platform including Facebook, plain old websites, and as a native Android or iOS application.


4) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Jawsjs

It’s 2D HTML5 javascript game library that allow developers to create Canvas and DOM based sprites with same API.

Game Engine Highlights –
– Sprite() – Onscreen, movable, scalable objects
– Game states – Separate sections of your game for better organized code
– SpriteSheet() and Animation() – Load spritesheets and animate frames
– Assets – Jaws will preload all your images before the game starts
– Documented code and explained examples
– Does Not depend on any other javascript library



5) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Enchantjs

Enchantjs is a wonderful open source framework that helps to develop games and Apps in HTML5 and JavaScript. Features: –

• Objected Oriented: all items displayed are objects
• Multiplatform: runs in iOS, Android, Mac, Windows browsers
• Windows 8: supports development for Windows 8 interactive HTML5
• Event-driven: based on asynchronous processing via event listeners
• Animation Engine: allows the use of standard animation such as tweens
• Hybrid Drawing: supports drawing with both the Canvas API and the DOM
• WebGL Support: supports 3D games using WebGL with a plugin
• Content Library: includes a royalty-free image library for use in your games


6) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library – Collie

Collie is a Javascript library that helps to create highly optimized animations and games using HTML 5. Collie runs on both PC and mobile using HTML 5 canvas and DOM.



7) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Traffic Cone

traffic cone is 2D and 2.5D tile based game engine, its client side written in HTML5.


• Easily configurable sprite animations
• Simple to set up tile based worlds
• Mock-3D math for layering, depth and positioning is handled for you via Traffic Cone’s world models.
• Basic Isometric pathfinding, AI and collision detection
• Custom draw routines on sprites supported.
• Granular control of sprite sequencing supported for more dramatic animations
• Intelligent draw logic only draws modified parts of your canvas for better frame rates.



8) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  HTML5 Quintus


Quintus, HTML5 JavaScript game engine provide a better interface to develop Games for Mobile, Desktop and beyond. Just start with its guideline.



9) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Flashjs

FlashJS is one of the great graphics and game development engine API, This This library allows to develop HTML5 games and applications in the way that is similar to ordinary AS3 development. Support Browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.


10) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Game Queryjs

GameQuery is a javascript game engine for jQuery, easy to use jQuery Plugin to help make javascript game development.



11) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Melonjs

MelonJs is fresh and lightweight free library help to develop 2D based games. It has multiple great features like – compatible with every browser ( Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE), multiple audio channel support, tween effects, transition effects and more.



12) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Turbulenz

Turbulenz, this is open source HTML5 game engine for developing games with HTML5 SDK that contains everything a developers needs to rapidly get their project going, polished and deployed.



13) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Iso Genic Engine

Isogenic game engine is most advanced HTML5 multiplayer game engine with stat of the art scene graph-based architecture and easy to use realtime multiplayer functionality, javascript run on browsers, mobile devices and Node.js with a single API and Code base.




14) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Akihabara



15) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Canvas Engine

CanvasEngine gives you all the means to easily create a game in HTML5 Canvas. A simple API with a structure thought the games.



16) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Gogo Make Play

GMP is a fast, free, javascript game engine, dual licenced under GPLv2 and MIT licenses. It’s small, simple, and easy to learn and use.



17) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  Squarepig

This is HTML5 game engine.


18) Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library –  jGen

jGen is the Javascript game engine for developers.


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