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14 Gorgeous Logos for Inspiration Designs

If you are designing a logo for your next website or blog and are running out of ideas for a suitable logo for your company, services, etc, then look below and browse through these great 30 logos that are made for different clients by illustrators and web designers.


Kissmetrics is a web analytics company that aims to show businesses simple, actionable insights from their data. Kissmetrics have given their logo some personality by surrounding the brightly coloured bar graph within a heart shape – a subtle indication that you’ll love working with your analytics data using the software.


Jelly is the new startup from Biz Stone, who cofounded Twitter. Jelly is a Q&A app designed for mobile devices, and aims to help people help each other. The logo remains simple, flat and minimalist – but is instantly recognisable as the brand’s mascot: a jellyfish.


Highlight is a fun social iPhone app that uses GPS to tell you if you were near other Highlight users, and tells you more about them. Highlight’s logo design is certainly controversial – it might not be the most attractive to look at (and you may not be able to look at it for long), but the layered grades of colour do get people talking.


GiftRocket is a service that allows people to give and get gift cards for anywhere, using just their mobile phone. GiftRocket’s logo is friendly and full of personality and fun, and the brand mark – a rocket with a bow around it – perfectly sums up the name “GiftRocket”.

Chefs Feedlogo11

Chefs Feed is a mobile app that rates restaurants and the dishes they serve, and the reviews all come from professional chefs themselves. The Chefs Feed logo shows a chef apron that’s been hung up, indicating that they’ve taken the night off to eat elsewhere.


Flipboard is an iPhone and iPad app that takes your RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter accounts and turns them into a beautifully presented interactive magazine, automatically. The Flipboard “F” is placed front and centre here, and varying shades of opacity are used to imply that parts of the logo design have been folded over – much like it’s possible to do with the actual Flipboard app.


TaskRabbit is a service that provides you with a personal assistant to help you with anything you need doing – like putting up Ikea furniture, fetching coffee or doing your grocery shopping. TaskRabbit’s logo introduces a mascot to help give the brand some personality, and the mascot’s stance indicates that it’s moving fast – a hint that tasks carried out on TaskRabbit are quick.


Optimizely makes it easier and quicker for companies to implement simple and effective split testing for their landing pages. Optimizely’s logo uses a heavily stylised “O”, with a dart forming out of it. This partly gives the impression of speed, and also partly implies that the software can pinpoint improvements to a finer detail.


Sprintly is a beautifully designed, easy to use project management tool that’s designed to fit in well with developer workflows. Sprintly uses a beautiful, muted colour palette with a bright red running figure, which stands out despite being small. 

logo01 helps businesses run their own IRC channels without worrying about installation and archiving, and is designed mainly for developers. Grove’s logo is simple, instantly recognisable and the minimalist triangles within the brand mark hints at a forest, while the mark also forms a speech bubble.



Airbnb allows people to rent out their apartments, houses and flats on a nightly basis, and is a great and quirky alternative to using a hotel. Airbnb was so named because it was originally meant for renting airbeds, and so the logo’s typeface is bubbly and appears soft, and is always surrounded by a hint of drop-shadow that makes it appear to “lift” off the page slightly.


Adioso is a flight search engine that allows people to find flights by searching using natural language, like “flights to New York in November” or “Seattle to Anywhere”. Adioso’s logo includes a simple and irreverent reference to what they do, by including a paper aeroplane lazily drifting past the design.


Memsql provides businesses with a database stored in the cloud, and was founded by a former Facebook engineer. Memsql’s main selling point is that it’s ultrafast and can access huge amounts of data extremely quickly. Memsql’s logo is easy to recognise and isn’t too complex – and it aims to show off one of the biggest benefits of the software, speed. The brand mark shows a spinning circle, and gives off the impression that it’s moving fast.

Whoworks.atlogo05 is a browser extension that shows you who works at the company that you’re checking out. When you land on a web page, it checks LinkedIn to see who works there and then tells you who you know. It’s brand mark plays on the W of “”, and is clean, minimalist and neatly contained within the circle.


Dropbox is an extremely popular file storing and sharing service that aims to do away with USB flash drives, or awkwardly emailing files to yourself. The logo is simple, beautiful and instantly recognisable.

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