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14 Best Tools And Resources For Creating And Maintaining A Website

The Internet is everywhere nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find an area of our lives into which it has yet to seep in. In these circumstances, it has become vital for all businesses to have an adequate presence online. Therefore the demand for web developers and designers has been on the rise.



When managing a website, it is vital to have as much information about the way your website is being used by visitors as possible. HotJar is the perfect tool to help web developers, UX & UI Designers, product managers and analysts gather all the information they need in order to determine if their visitors are making use of their web and mobile websites in the way they’re intended to.



2 Gift Card Giveaway – Get $1000 For Your Shopping Spree

When you’re managing your website you will most likely want to always be up to date with the most important giveaways that would help you improve it. Now, you won’t always have the time or patience to browse through countless webpages in search for the perfect giveaway for you.


GRANDÉ: 160 PSDs Mockups Bundle from ZippyPixels

zippy is the place to go if you are looking for awesome graphic goodies. Photorealistic Mockups, Logo Mockups, Designer Resumes & Cool Infographics templates, Brand Books, Newsletter templates and so much more.
There is something for everyone, free mockups for freebie lovers, premium products for mainstream designers and mega bundles for the enthusiasts.




ShrinkTheWeb is the tool to turn to for all your screenshot preview needs. This service is free and available for anyone who needs it. By using ShrinkTheWeb you will be able to capture, shrink, crop, save, upload and display screenshots by just writing a single line of code or using an existing plugin.




When managing a website that aims to provide visitors with an active chat room, you have to carefully consider the quality of your chat room. RumbleTalk is the perfect service to help you establish and maintain a stylish HTML5 chat room on your website.




All web developers and designers have gone through the struggle of making their websites compatible cross-browser. If you aim to create the best possible user experience, making sure your website runs smoothly on any browser is vital.




Paddle’s checkout solutions make it easier than ever for digital content creators to sell their products online. From apps & games to eBooks and creative resources, setting up a store with Paddle is incredibly simple; just name your product, give it a price, upload your file and you can literally start selling in minutes with your own checkout.




Stamplia Builder is an email templates editor that aims to cut the work developers used to invest into making email templates for their clients in half. By using the Stamplia builder you will be able to easily customize purchased email templates and offer your clients a wide variety of choices in no time.




If you’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your website, you should stop by DealFuel, you’re guaranteed to find the best deals and greatest Freebies on the Internet. DealFuel offers anything you might need starting with eBooks, eCourses and WordPress themes and plugins. Developers will find a great stock of bundles, SEO tools and software tools supplied by DealFuel.


WPEka Club


WPEka Club is one of the fastest growing repositories of premium WordPress themes and plugins. With over 25 first rate WordPress themes, you can be sure that this will be your first and only stop in your search for the perfect theme for your new website.




For web developers, designers and web site owners it is always important that their website be visually appealing. Therefore, great care should be taken when selecting the visual aspects that will be displayed. If you want to make sure that your website will always be beautifully designed, head on over to Luvly marketplace.



Making your own successful online store has never been as easy as it is with CloudCart. Using this amazing tool, you will be able to get your website up and running, promote it online, get it all over social media and payment ready in on time. Through their integrated SEO and marketing modules CloudCart will offer you the latest SEO features and tools, Advanced Reporting, SEO-optimized templates and more.

New Relic


New Relic is a tool that allows you to have instant code-level visibility in order to create faster software, better products and ensure the best customer experience for your clients. By using New Relic you will be able to get a better sense of how your software is behaving in live production and therefore make decisions concerning its real time performance faster and easier.

Google Code Playground


Google Code Playground is the place to go in order to browse for APIs that you may need within your website. The list of APIs that you will find here is both diverse and plentiful. With just one click you will have access to all the documentation you’ll need in order to integrate and API into your website and the chance to test out its functionality.

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