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14 Best Custom Blog Posts Designs

While there are a lot of beautiful and well-designed blogs out there, most of them use a single template for each of their blog posts.


Avoid Contact with Eyes

This is the blog of Adam Walker. Each post has a unique and interesting design.



An Idea

An Idea is a nicely designed blog created by AgencyNet. While not fully changing designs on each post, the background does change in every post. Also, this blog includes a theme switcher as well.



The Bold Italic

The Bold Italic is a blog that equips you with unique local intel, backstories and adventures that define San Francisco. Each post is creative and well designed.



A Brief Message

This blog features design opinions expressed in short form. While each post is not completely different, the image and sometimes the background does change.



Chris Coyier

CSS Tricks owner Chris Coyier’s personal blog. The background of his blog posts are different from each other.




This blog has an awesome design, as you can see in the examples. You can tell that they really put thought and effort into the design of each post.



Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia is a web designer from Southern California. This is his blog. While he only has three articles right now, the designs of them are great and I am looking forward to seeing more of his work.



David Desandro

David’s blog is just phenomenal. You really need to visit his blog. By the way, that circle text on his blog is not made out of an image, it is in HTML. I didn’t even know that was possible.



Dustin Curtis

Well designed blog by Dustin Curtis. The little header at the top stays in every page and it’s very effective. Not only does he have a great design, but the articles are very entertaining and well written as well.



ESPN Outside the Line

ESPN did a great job with these posts. I think they have over 100 different posts that are styled different. Great job, even better because it’s about sports.



Gregory Wood

Gregory Wood’s blog has some really nice designs. Each blog post is completely different.



Hazardous Ink

Only a couple of the article are different, but still a good job.



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