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Sketch is a popular iOS application developed by Bohemian Coding and recently, version three was released. The program features a powerful set of tools in order for you to do your design work with precision.



If you are looking for free sketch files (which you should be if you belong to the design community), Sketchmine is the library for you to visit. Sketchmind offers various templates to reuse, get inspiration from, and study in order to get insight on how the other designers work. If you are not willing to start from scratch, you can freely access a great selection of ready-made templates for applications, forms, UI Kits, icons and web designs. Of course, its repository is updated on a regular basis, so keep checking in.

Brilliant Sketch


Brilliant Sketch consists of a huge library of graphics, templates, interface kits, icons and plugins for you to use. It also has several tutorials and tips you can watch in order to learn more about the software. You can use these resources for free. If you are interested, you can even sign up for updates that you will receive via e-mail. There are several free templates included in the resource for instance, Twitter profile templates, Facebook profile templates, iOS devices and browser Mockups.

Sketch Gems


If you are using Sketch for web design, icon creation, application creation, and user interface creation, you will find this particular resource very useful. All the resources available in Sketch Gems have been hand-crafted and are available in formats compatible with Sketch. You will notice your workflow becoming simpler and enjoyable using this resource. Every resource is made in coherence with the most updated version of Sketch available. Don’t worry, apart from the premium, free resources are also available.


Designers in the Sketch application community take valuable time to provide free collection of designs for others to use. You can either choose to contribute to or use the resources made available by other users. The collection includes icons, templates, UI Kits, sliders, and apps. You will also find links to very useful tutorials in this resources whereby you would be able to learn more about tools, tips, shortcuts, and different plugins etc. If you are looking to submit your work, you can do so using the submission form.

Sketch Shortcuts6.-Sketch-Shortcuts

There are several different shortcuts available in Sketch for you to use in order to make your workflow simpler and faster. Sketch Shortcuts lists all the available shortcuts that you can employ. These include arranging layers, groups and art boards, editing layers, editing shapes, window, canvas view, type, and insert. If you are willing, you can even create your own shortcuts through preferences.

Sketch iOS Devices


If you are working on mock-ups, designer Robbie Pearce has been kind enough to provide vector graphics on several different Apple devices on Sketch iOS Devices, all of which are scalable. You can use these templates and resize them according to your needs. The sizes by default are perfectly compatible with retina and normal displays, and are available in every color your can think of. The packs available are readily updated and are free to use. The templates include iPhone 4s/5s/5c, iPod Touch, iPad 2/Air/Mini. You can download these individually.


As suggested by the name, Sketch Tips provides you with all the tips and tricks necessary to work efficiently with Sketch. Sketch is easy to learn, but the tips and tricks are available in huge quantities in order to make your workflow faster.


If you are a beginner when it comes to Sketch, you may want to visit Sketch Resource, a huge collection of Sketch templates. You can learn how to optimize your workflow, get inspired and get ideas, as well as refine your skills. Sketch Resources includes interfaces, media players and design elements.

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