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13 Beautiful And Stylish Letterpress Prints for Developers

For professional designers, Today we are rounded up beautiful examples of letterpress business cards design for inspiration.

Greg Anderson
This card works because of the stylish dirty texture, good use of color and, of course, letterpress. Designed by Thomas Guy.


Chris Piascik
The funky typography of freelance graphic designer Chris Piascik is set off well by the letterpress work on his business card.


Space 150
This stylish letterpress business card was designed for the creative agency Space150 by designer Evan Nagan. The card is part of the agency’s periodic general redesign, which it conducts every 150 days. The elegant constellation theme and high-quality letterpress printing make for an excellent card.


White Rabbit
This card promotes the portfolio of the German photographer Florian Muller(aka the White Rabbit). The use of the negatives pattern incorporates the card owner’s occupation well, and the surface is enhanced by an embossed rabbit.


One in Zero
The business card of Hong Kong-based idea firm OneinZero is minimalist: the focus is on the letterpress type and paper texture.


Christian Garibaldi
The effective combination of blind and ink debossing, along with the subtle coloring along the edge, makes for a clean and exquisite business card that perfectly conveys the aesthetic of the photographer’s online portfolio.


Dallas Graham of Montage Creative has a simple and strong business card.


Paper Monkey Press
Some filigree letterpressing is evident on the card of Paper Monkey Press.


Second World Design
The guys over at Second World took their branding very seriously, resulting in the clean beautiful letterpress card you see below.


Kinetic Lens
This card was designed by photographer Riley Maclean for his company Kinetic Lens. Combining various letterpress techniques and a great set of red tones, this business card has a multi-dimensional feel. It’s printed on thick 220-pound-bond cotton paper.


Laura Moretz
A good use of letterpress on the front and back of this card and the labels make this card memorable. It’s printed on French Speckletone #140 stock.


23rd And 5th
Here is a beautiful business card showing fine typography and two-color letterpress. It was designed for the staff of the 23rd & 5th branding agency. This business card for the Director of Development features a QR code that drives contacts to a dedicated mobile website optimized for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android.


Derrick Mitchell
Derrick Mitchell, a designer from Kalispell, Montana, creates his business cards by hand with chip board, screen printing, labels and stamps.


This cute die-cut business card is done entirely in-house by designer Elod Beregszaszi.


The chic design of this business card is accentuated by the custom shape and 16-point silk matte finish card stock.


This concept-based business card was designed by Mehdi Tuchak for the Iranian multimedia company Kaman.


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