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10 Nice photoshop Photoeffect

This article is a showcase of 27 beautiful photo effects covering subjects such as technicolor processing, frozen liquid effects, artistic and digital painting, lighting effects and many other photo manipulation examples that can be applied to your photos or designs. Although most of these tutorials require an intermediate knowledge of Photoshop, beginners will find the step by step instructions useful in their learning experience.



1. Create an elegant two color technicolor effect



2. Add digital lighting effects to a photo



3. Creating a dramatic polar panorama effect



4. Creating funny big head characters in Photoshop



5. Creating a futuristic workspace in Photoshop



6. cool photoshop effects



7. Creating a futuristic workspace in Photoshop



8. 3d retro movie effect in Photoshop



9. Screen jump effect



10. Create a speed lighting effect in Photoshop

Originally posted 2012-03-29 15:53:13.

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